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So let’s do a little comparison: 162 game averages for Player A: 20 HR, 77 RBI, .256 AVG, .309 OBP, .436 SLG, .745 OPS 162 game averages (…)

19 Oct

… and it’s ridiculous. So the Mets aimed high … made a list of the big three executives they wanted to be President of Baseball (…)

02 Oct

I missed the first two innings of tonight’s Mets game seeing of Wilmer Flores could lift the Giants into the division championship (he (…)

01 Oct

It occurred to me while I was on my way to Citi Field for “Closing Night” that I will had gone to three games during the 2021 season. (…)

29 Sep

I gotta give credit to Taijuan Walker. We’ll get to his pitching in a minute, but there was no reason for Walker to bust it down the line on (…)

28 Sep

This was probably the last moment of the season that you could say the Mets and their fans were looking at, and looking forward to. Noah (…)

28 Sep

Let’s face it, we’re well past the point of combing through games looking for bad managerial moves and even standout performances. It’s (…)

27 Sep

The Mets might as well have put out a lineup that looked like this: CF Crewman Grant SS Horta Fodder RF Crewman Hendorff 1B Lieutenant (…)

19 Sep

The conversations I’ve been having with my Mets fan friends have revolved around the same general theme: Who stays and who goes for (…)

18 Sep

I’m trying to negotiate the dichotomy between being completely annoyed watching this team, and being sad that in two more weeks, we might not (…)

15 Sep

The Braves lost. The Phillies lost. The Reds lost. The Padres lost. The Mets could have gained on all of them in the standings, including (…)