Let’s Draw Out Skip Schumaker’s Misery, Shall We?

Skip Schumaker

I really wasn’t going to say much about this game. David Peterson pitched seven great innings, the Mets took the lead in the 8th on a hit by Rafael Ortega, and then with a chance to close out the game in the 9th, Anthony Kay came in and threw a pitch to Jazz Chisholm that looked like Randy Johnson against John Kruk at the All Star Game in ’93 before giving up a game tying double off the wall to tie it. Then Yuli Gurriel gave the Marlins a 2-1 lead with another hit.

Then it started raining. And if you’ve been looking at the weather forecast, you know that it’s going to rain for a while because Ophelia is back in town. But they waited three hours and 20 minutes because they knew there was plenty at stake for the Marlins. (During which time, Jerry Blevins shouted me out on the broadcast. Thanks, Jerry.) And at one point they tried to get the tarp off the field to play. But it was impossible to get the game going and it was called.

But not before Skip Schumaker decided he was going to be a big man.

I get it. The Marlins want to get this game in. They don’t want to come back on Monday to play a half an inning and change. They’re still pissed about what happened Tuesday. It’s stressful. I totally understand.

But this wasn’t heat of the moment, arguing a bad call in a tight game. this was after three hours of waiting around. And by the way, they waited those three hours … for you and your team. What kind of child do you have to be to express your frustration at a stadium employee wearing a hoodie? One who is obviously trying everything he could do to play? Why, becuase they missed a 20 minute window to play a game when it takes 40 minutes to get a tarp off? With puddles on the field?

Skip can be frustrated all he wants. but to direct it at a team official in plain sight of everyone just makes him look like a petulant child. No matter how many mistakes that the director of field operations may have made, he didn’t deserve to be dressed down and big leagued by an infantile jerk like Skip Schumaker who, when the teams played in Miami, was bitching and moaning about every call from the first inning on in one of the games.

Let Skip yell at the actual people responsbile for all this. Like Mother Nature, God, Ophelia, and the Wilpons for not paying to put a retractable roof on Citi Field when they built it. Blame them. Punch up. Yell at Buck Showalter if it’ll make you feel better. Or Vogelbach. Someone who is paid to handle that stuff. But a middle management type in a hoodie? Forget that. You owe that guy an apology for throwing a tantrum like a toddler for no good reason because you played in the big leagues and you’re “fiery”. Nah. That’s bush league, no matter how frustrated you may be. If that’s how you handle a rain delay, I’d hate to see how you handle real adversity, like the DMV or a Dunkin Donuts line.

And I hope you and your team get to fly back on Monday. Or better yet, you get eliminated before Monday, and Manfred still makes you come back to get the last three outs sometime in December due to some sort of new rule that he’s about to make up.

Today’s Hate List

  1. Skip Schumaker
  2. Ophelia
  3. Miles Mikolas
  4. Brent Strom
  5. Skip Schmaker again
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