Can Rick Peterson Fix Drew Smith? I’ll Even Give Him 20 Minutes!

Drew Smith Gak

At least David Peterson looked halfway decent today. I mean, he gave up a 2-0 lead by giving up two runs in the second on a Donovan Solano single and another in the third on a Kyle Farmer single, but that’s actually all he gave up as he struck out 8 and only walked one (he also hit a guy on a back door slider in the first), but that outing could have gone sideways quick for him and it didn’t.

His problem is that he keeps putting himself in these jams where he constantly gets these unlucky soft contact hits against him. But you make your own luck when you give up those soft contact hits after already allowing two runners to reach base. At least he looked good on the whole today.

But Drew Smith? He came in and gave up a single, a walk, a single, a walk, and a three run triple to Max Kepler. The only reason the inning wasn’t worse was because Willi Castro was thrown out at second trying to steal. So Smith basically came in and got one out and turned a 3-2 game into a 7-2 disaster. Peterson got the loss because the rules said so. But with Pete Alonso and D.J. Stewart following up with home runs, this loss is square on Smith.

I’m starting to think we lost the Lucas Duda trade, and Duda has been retired for four years.

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