Hail To The Chief

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Milwaukee Brewers

It was the worst kept secret in baseball for about a season and a half. Now it looks like it’s coming true.

It truly is a new era, as the Mets have never had a President of Baseball Operations (or a Chief Baseball Operator or any of the other cutesy names that teams come up with.) Of course, the circle of life that saw David leave the Mets in 2005 because the Wilpons couldn’t affort an extra f*cking intern only to come back as the boss is absolutely delicious. (Couldn’t afford an intern, but those checks to Bernie sure as hell cashed, right?) It’s also a great inducator of how the Mets did business then and how they do it now.

Will Stearns do a good job? Who the hell knows. But he’s had a ton of success in Milwaukee to bring to the table. And at least the Mets are moving into a bed and breakfast in the 21st century. Because what Stearns will be responsible for as President of baseball operations is … baseball operations (duh). That means not just the 26 players on the main roster (that’s what the GM is for.) But the entire minor league system as well. That means drafting, and developing. Because you can get lucky on some draft picks, and you can trade Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander for an entire farm system. But if you’re not developing them correctly, what’s it all for? And that’s what David Stearns is going to be responsible for and work on. What better time than now to bring in a guy that is going to put in a whole new system for these minor leaguers to flourish in?

Of course, the rumor will be that Stearns brings in Craig Counsell, his own guy, to take over for Buck Showalter as manager as Counsell’s contract is up after the season. If there are thoughts for that, I only hope that Stearns will extend the opportunity for Buck to remain in the system as a roving instructor, or have some sort of big title so that he can impart his knowledge to young players on how to play the game and what the details are that go into being a great major league player, and not worry so much about exit velocity and spin rates. Those things are great, but young players are worrying about them and them alone. Buck can impart the finer points to these players so that they have all the tools to be good major leaguers, and not just the fancy tools.


As for the game tonight, look at this beauty:

That, my friends, was a missile. And it led to a 7-4 Mets win in which Pete Alonso and Francisco Alvarez also homered. Sam Coonrod, a special agent brought in by Steve Cohen to help preserve the position of their 2024 first round draft pick, tried to sabatoge the game by coming into the 8th like he was sabotaging an immunity challenge on Survivor because he wanted Trevor Gott off the island (don’t we all.) But Adam Ottavino entered, induced a double play and hung on for the save. Thankfully, Washington lost so the Mets remain only a half game out of the Bottom 6 so that they can give Stearns his first shiny piece to work with.

Today’s Hate List

  1. Chase Utley
  2. John Rocker
  3. Shane Victorino
  4. Erik Haula
  5. Cal Clutterbuck
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