The Birth Of The American Spork

Tylor Megill vs Phillies

They always say “beware of September stats”.

That phrase came from a time where rosters were expanded to 40, and a whole bunch of opponents had nothing to play for. Today’s first game of the doubleheader was the first time where Tylor Megill was facing a team that had zero to play for, with everything locked up for the Phillies. So you wouldn’t be wrong to dismiss Megill’s 7 and 1/3 innings of shutout ball today (before an inherited run was scored off him in the 8th).

But you wouldn’t necessarily be right either, as Megill was still facing a damn good lineup, and they’re still going to go up there and try to get knocks off him. So Megill’s outing, but more over as a whole his entire September is certianly something to look at going into next season as the Mets try to figure out how to put together their pitching staff. Megill tinkering with Kodai Senga’s Ghost Fork (dubbed the “American Spork”), along with better command on his fastball made him legit today. It certianly helped that the Mets were able to stoke him to a 4-0 lead (off old friend Taijuan Walker) early in the game so that he could run with it.

The Mets’ bullpen almost blew it for him. Raley gave up Megill’s runner in the 8th, and Adam Ottavino gave up two runs in the 9th to make it 4-3, but as fast as Weston Wilson stole two bases in the 9th, Christian Pache flew out just as fast to end the game that meant nothing except for draft position, and for Megill’s spot in the rotation next year, and even that may not mean as much as you think as four months are going to pass before we all gather in Port St. Lucie again. But it was still nice to see and will put a thought into David Stearns’ mind for next season.

Also, Weston Wilson isn’t real. It’s a made up video game character that came from Preston Wilson.

But the best thing I saw all day in Game 1 was something that has never happened at a Major League Baseball stadium before, and I hope that everyone who saw it appreciated it:

Daniel Murphy finally threw to the right base.

Today’s Game 1 Hate List

  1. Weston Wilson
  2. Brandon Marsh
  3. Edmundo Sosa
  4. Jose Alvarado
  5. Skip Schumaker
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