Pro Tips On Seating And Food (And Kodai Senga On The Side)

Senga Diamondbacks

Pro tip for you sweeties out there: If you ever find yourself at a 4:00 start, don’t sit in section 104.

Right field is the sun field. We all know that. What I didn’t expect was to not be able to see fly balls for three innings. Francisco Lindor hit a foul ball that went over my head, off the facade of the Coca-Cola corner, and it landed somewhere in 105. If that foul ball was any less towering and more on a line, I would have died because I had zero idea where it was. There were a couple of foul balls that were over me that I couldn’t see. There were other fly balls that I lost between say, innings 5 and 7.

I now have sympathy for any right fielder that has ever lost the ball in that sun while wearing a good pair of sunglasses (but not the ones who have the sunglasses on the bill of their cap at the time.)

Now that that’s out of the way, Kodai Senga was incredible again today, striking out 10 in six innings while the Mets pummeled the Diamondbacks’ pitching staff to the tune of an 11-1 victory. Brandon Nimmo, Pete Alonso, and DJ Stewart gave the Mets a 5-0 lead before Jeff McNeil hit a two run HR in the 5th to make it 7-0 and break it open. Jonathan Arauz hit a three run homer late in the game to provide the Nelson Muntz moment.

Back to Senga, he gave up only two hits on the day, and one of them was to Tommy Pham who had the pleasure of watching him all year. He struck out two in the first on fastball looking, then the next five swinging at the ghost fork, and the last three also swinging on fastball, ghost fork, and slider. In other words, the Diamondbacks had no idea how to approach him, and couldn’t touch him even when they did. It was simply another outstanding effort by Senga.

But it goes back to what I said yesterday: If you lose to the Mets more than you beat them, you’re not winning the Series.

Also, the Taste of Queens stand is featuring some outstanding arepas from Arepa Lady. And I finally had the Sunny’s Sampler. The potato chip crusted chicken wings are out of this world. You’re welcome.

Today’s Hate List

Brent Strom.

Don’t f*** with Gare and Keith, clown.

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