Broken News: More Tea Leaves For Terry

Broken News: More Tea Leaves For Terry


Broken News: More Tea Leaves For Terry


More speculation on the future of Terry Collins, from Kristie Ackert of the Daily News:

Team sources said privately they expect the 68-year-old to retire. Collins, however, reiterated again this week, he has not decided his own future.

I’d call it “news”, but Terry Collins actually retiring is news. Team sources expecting that Collins is going to retire is a guess. I expect that my cheesesteak is going to arrive on my plate hot with provolone cheese and onions. But it’s really just an educated guess. That’s all this is. And it was picked up my many outlets with the lede of “Mets Manager Expected To Retire“. It’s as if similar news never came two weeks ago, or on August 25th.

“No one’s saying it, but people around the team all seem to be assuming there’s almost no way he’ll be back — whether it be due to his choice or the team’s.” -Jon Heyman

Reports say something, and then two weeks later somebody says the same thing from a different source and it’s as if our memories get erased and we won’t remember that these reports ever came out before and we’ll all be breathless about it all over again. -Me

Uh-huh. Same news, but we’ve eliminated an option. But you’re reading this so you’re obviously starved for news. So to reiterate: The Mets still expect Terry to be gone next season, but now they’re leaning more towards retirement as the chosen option rather than Sandy Alderson having to take Old Yeller out back and shoot him. Which is good. And it makes the last home game of the season a de-facto retirement party. If you invited yourself to this retirement party by buying a ticket, cheer for Terry. Not because he has more wins than any Mets manager in history, because we know that’s more the residue of longevity. Not because Collins led the Mets to the 2015 World Series, because Yoenis Cespedes did.

But cheer Terry Collins because nobody boos a 68-year-old man at a retirement party. I mean, if you did that at your job you’d be an outcast, soon to be confined to the mail room. Or maybe you’ve already been confined to the mail room which is why you’re bitter enough to boo 68-year-old men at retirement parties. I don’t know what you’re about, it’s not my business. But only psychopaths would boo somebody at their retirement party because they ignored him once in the hallways. Or made a bad pitching change in 2013.

Or 2014.

Or 2015.

Or this past May.

Or against the Marlins.

Look, the point is, cheer him. He’s riding off into the sunset to share a lake side deck chair with Art Howe. He deserves a nice memory to fall back on when he starts to wonder why the f**k he didn’t take out Matt Harvey to start the ninth in Game Five. We all deserve that.


I had more to say back when the initial Collins news was broken by Jon Heyman. Go ahead and read it. It was pretty good, and it’s relevant, I guess. And also, since I mentioned Art Howe, he’s an interview with Howe from this past Sunday on SportsTalkNY Live. He discussed the Indians’ recent winning streak along with his Oakland A’s streak of 20 straight wins in 2002. Also, he battled.


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