Hump Day Links: Diving, Offside and More

Hump Day Links: Diving, Offside and More

North Dakota

Hump Day Links: Diving, Offside and More


UND forward Shane Gersich (Photo Credit: Russell Hons

Yes, I am still on my work deployment to Dallas, Texas. If all goes right, I will be back for the SLU series. Down here, it’s hard to tell what season it really is. The calendar says that it’s fall, but the weather is more like July and August in North Dakota. It’s the end of September and we’re almost ready to begin the 2017-18 college hockey season.

Last Sunday, I had to go to the Apple Store on Knox Street in Dallas and get my iPhone fixed. While I was waiting for my phone to get repaired, I went down the street to Starbucks and had a Pumpkin Spice Latte. It just didn’t seem right, while my friends are hunting ducks back in North Dakota I was sitting outside at Starbucks in 87-degree weather. So, this is fall in North Texas? I have to admit that I like the present weather down here.

Polls? What Polls?

More evidence that the college hockey season is upon us. The preseason USCHO and USA Today polls are out. In the USCHO Poll, UND is in seventh place. Surprisingly, UMD which lost most of their d-core and starting goalie landed in sixth place. In the USA Today Poll, UND is also ranked seventh. Like I said recently, I believe that UND is going to fly under the radar this season and is going to be a very solid defensive hockey team.

Nope UND Isn’t Going to Big Ten

Back in February, I wrote about this.

Over on Gopher Illustrated, there’s poster claiming that UND is going to be offered a spot in the Big Ten Hockey Conference. First, I am going to say I am very skeptical, trust but verify.  It would also be interesting to see who his source is.

Lately, I’ve noticed that uber Gopher fan Jeff Flugaur has backed off his tweeting about UND joining the Big Ten Hockey Conference. Check it out. Today, I was visiting Gopher Illustrated and here’s a new message from the thread. He’s kind of poor man’s version of Eklund from Hockey Buzz.

After watching this video, I kind of had to chuckle, they used a Gopher and a Bulldog player as examples of what embellishment is. Also, it interesting that last season’s regional goal that was waved off now would’ve counted this season.

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