Chasened Departure

Chasened Departure


Chasened Departure


It was something we saw coming when the Mets put Chasen Bradford on waivers. But it seems like we all see everything coming except the Mets, who predictably lost Bradford on waivers to the Seattle Mariners today.

It might seem pointless to bitch about the loss of a 28-year-old middle reliever. but since the start of August, when Bradford got regular work, he gave up 12 runs (nine earned) in 23 games and a .206 batting average against. Of those 12 runs, 11 of them were concentrated in two bad games, which means he gave up 1 run in 21 games. I know it all counts, but certainly there was something to work with there, especially for a team that prioritized bullpen improvement when they traded all of their expiring assets for hard throwing fringe relievers. And yet there was no place for Bradford?

Cheers to the man who will almost certainly blossom into the next Darren O’Day. I play this in your honor.

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