An Attempt At Rationality

An Attempt At Rationality


An Attempt At Rationality


I’m really going to try to look at this rationally.

  • Sometimes, teams with bad records win. The Orioles did have 17 victories, so why not 18?
  • Alex Cobb came into Tuesday’s game with a 1-7 record and a 6.80 ERA. However, he had his best outing of the season last time out (seven innings, three runs), and April/May served as his spring training after being one of the late signees in the weird off-season we just had.
  • Okay, so I thought I had more of these little nuggets to make you feel better, but I fell asleep for a little while, only to be woken up by the “coordinated monthly test of the emergency broadcast system, which is bull shit because these things come at least twice a week, and tonight I got that stupid thing twice in ten minutes.
  • Even the one that I was going to bring up that they’re just seven games back with 104 to play and that it’s a long season? Yeah, screw that. Because it happens every year. Why is it that every year we’re forced by June 1st to look back on previous seasons for hope that they can turn this season around? “Oh well look at 1973 and look at 2015 when Cespedes game? Could it happen? Yeah, sure. But every year we talk ourselves into math and the past and “what about 2015?” We need to look towards the future. Too bad there’s too many reminders of the past.
  • I really didn’t want to overreact and say “the Mets lost to the Orioles!!!” But the Mets got Todd Frazier back who is supposed to make everybody feel better about everything, and Anthony Swarzak who is supposed to improve the bullpen by leaps and bounds. Frazier will and Swarzak will, I guess. But they didn’t even look like they fought tonight. They got three hits. Jay Bruce drew a walk in the ninth but other than that the Mets popped out three times. Conforto and Frazier saw three pitches combined. Maybe that’s not a fair barometer and maybe the game plan was to ambush Brad Brach, but for the love of God.
  • What the hell is Jose Reyes still doing on this team?
  • And to that point, it’s going to be hilarious when Luis Guillorme gets sent down to make room for Yoenis Cespedes after Guillorme got the pinch hitting assignment ahead of Reyes in the 8th inning tonight. Ohhhhh, I can’t wait for that.

Jay Bruce said after the game as part of his long and reflective post game session that Mets fans don’t care about the process, they just care about results. He understands this line of thinking and he’s right. We want results. Tuesday night’s result is that they lost. To Baltimore.

I don’t think I did this right.

Today’s Hate List

  1. Alex Cobb
  2. Brad Brach
  3. Bobby Bonilla
  4. Roberto Alomar
  5. Boilervard Clarke

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