The Most Popular Sports Globally You Ought to Know

The Most Popular Sports Globally You Ought to Know


The Most Popular Sports Globally You Ought to Know


The popularity of sports is due to several reasons. Some usually participate in sports to keep healthy, others for recreation purposes. Sports are also popular among individuals who only love being spectators and not necessarily participate in them. Below are some of the most popular sports globally: 


Mar 24, 2021; Tucson, Arizona, United States; Portland Timbers midfielder Cristhian Paredes (22) defends against a Portland Timbers attack during an MLS scrimmage game at Kino Sports Complex. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Some refer to it as soccer. Football is one of the most popular sports globally, with an estimate of over 4 billion fans. Football is prevalent because, unlike other sports requiring expensive equipment, all you need to play football is a ball. With the availability of two posts and a ball, you can play as much as you want by using your feet. Therefore, anyone can enjoy the sport, whether rich or poor. When major football games are played, most individuals usually play casino for real money over their favorite team that they believe will win.


Cricket is the second most popular sport globally, with an estimate of over 2.5 billion fans. Cricket involves two teams; a bat, a field, and a scoring run. Cricket is a sport that dominates in many countries, especially on the Indian-sub continent. These countries include; Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh. Other big countries in which cricket is the second favorite sport are; England, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. The sport also has gain roots in nations like Ireland, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Holland, and others.


March 16, 2021; South Bend, IN, USA; Minnesota Golden Gophers forward Blake McLaughlin (27) controls the puck against Wisconsin Badgers defenseman Tyler Inamoto (5) during the Big Ten hockey tournament championship game at Compton Family Ice Arena. Mandatory Credit: John Mersits/South Bend Tribune via USA TODAY NETWORK

There are two kinds of hockey sports; ice hockey and field hockey. They both boost the following of over 2 billion people globally. Where field hockey is mainly played are Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. At the same time, ice hockey is popularly played in Canada, the US, and Northern Europe. The sport game involves two teams trying to place a ball into the opposing team’s net using a hockey stick. The two games differ in that; ice hockey involves body contact in the form of checking, while field hockey doesn’t involve body contact.


It has estimated followers of over 1billion people worldwide. Unlike the other sports listed above, which are team sports, tennis is mainly an individual-based sports game. This makes it to be the most popular individual-based sports game. Tennis is equally famous for both men and women globally. It is also one of the rare sports in the world which represent gender equality. It has the same prize money in both men and women competitions. A tennis game involves two players on opposite sides of an elongated net trying to hit a ball with a racket. The players’ aims are that either the ball goes past their opponents or bounces on their opponents’ side twice to enable them to score points


The sport has a following of over 900 million people globally. Volleyball involves two teams having each on a single side of a raised net, trying to win points by “volleying” a ball onto the ground of the opposing team’s side. A popular variant of the game known as beach volleyball is usually played on sand with two people on each team. Whereas in regular volleyball, there typically are six players on every team.

Table tennis, basketball, baseball, rugby, and golf are other popular sports types among individuals around the world. Most online casino bookmakers usually take advantage of the games’ popularity to make some individuals play casino for real money over large amounts.

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