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MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks assistant GM Jared Porter
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Jared Porter was fired today by the Mets.

For the people who haven’t heard yet, Porter was fired for sending explicit texts to a female journalist in 2016. The journalist was worried that her career would be irreparably harmed if she came out with the story then, and it’s a shame that teams/businesses still aren’t doing all they can to make people comfortable enough to report harrassment.

I don’t know who sends 62 texts without a response and thinks “I need a showstopper for the 63rd, hmmmmmm.”

But kudos to the Mets for taking quick, decisive action. Let this be a lesson to all of you:

  • Nobody wants to see your dick. Nobody.
  • If someone wants to see your dick, they will put in a formal request.
  • If somebody is paying you to show your dick to people, then damn.
  • Other than that, nobody wants to see your dick.

Follow those rules, then you’ll go places. Don’t follow those rules, then you’ll go to other places. Places you probably won’t like. This has been a public service announcement.

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