If you’ve been a longtime reader here at The Oilers Rig (or if you just started), you may have noticed a couple new faces and a few more posts over the last week and a bit. You’re not seeing things – things are a little bit different.

After almost a year of writing here at the Rig (though not really regularly until this season), I’m pretty pumped to let you know that I’ve taken over the role of the content manager for the site. After a rant-like conversation with my good friend BaggedMilk from OilersNation, I talked to Dave and Jackie about some changes I thought we could make, and somehow I garnered myself a new title. So far it’s not too hard, and we still have a great complement of writers, but I firmly believe that we can (and will) get better.

We’ve added a couple new writers in the last week – Kris Hansen, Ali Arshad and Avry Lewis-McDougall – and I’m really looking forward to seeing their contributions. I know Kris is working on some really cool hockey history stuff, and I think that’s going to add some depth to the content we’re putting out. We’re also pleased to welcome Preston Hodgkinson back into the fold; you can see his thoughts about Darnell Nurse here.

Nothing’s going to change, not really, but we’re looking to expand our repertoire, as it were. With the writers we have, and the knowledge bases they’re all coming from, I’m confident that the changes we’re making are only going to benefit the site and the wider Oilers fan community. The changes, and the new responsibilities I have, will mean some more work for me, but I’m definitely up to the challenge.

And fear not, I’ll still fawn over Taylor Hall in my gameday posts; now that McDavid is back, though, I might need to step up my game and show Hall even MORE love. (Sorry Dad)


Oilers Rig Live 4 MS

We’ve got our 3rd Annual “Oilers Rig Live for MS” event happening on February 26th at On The Rocks. Tickets are $12.50 and available here. You’ll get to meet some of us (if that’s a thing you’re interested in), bid on silent auction items, and watch the Oilers play against Anaheim and hopefully light it up. If you’re really lucky, you might even get to meet some other Oilers blogging royalty (or, at the very least, Matt Henderson from HockeyBuzz and OilersNation).


Oilers Rig Merch

If you really really like us, you can buy some Oilers Rig merchandise here. We’ve got t-shirts, hoodies, cell phone cases and a bunch of other stuff.

From now until the end of February, all proceeds from merch sales will go towards the MS Society of Alberta.

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