Death By Humidity

We had some pre-game news.

First, James McCann was announced to have had a broken hamate bone in his left hand and will miss six weeks. While I think McCann will be missed by the pitching staff, Tomas Nide handles the staff pretty well. (Which makes it hysterical that a prominent Mets writer/blogger/social media personality tweeted his support for Nido while at the same time wondering if Wilson Ramos was doing anything these days.

At least we know Rene Rivara is free.

The other bit of news is quite hysterical. After 24 hours of sports talk blah blah blah about Jarred Kelenic’s return to Citi Field, and endless recaps of how that trade is going (including mine), the Mariners … at about 3:00 ET … announced that Kelenic was being demoted to Triple A. Hysterically, all of that blather about the trade and all the hot takes and cold takes, none of it matters. And while there can’t be any qualms about sending Kelenic down with his numbers, the timing of it is just hilarious. Obviously, sending him down right before his Citi Field debut was funny, but also, after a day off in which they traveled to New York (presumably with Kelenic), the Mariners literally sent him all the way back to Tacoma to play in a weekend series against Reno.

Kelenic got Willie Randolph’d!

He missed a good one. Marco Gonzales only allowed a sac fly in 6 and 2/3’s innings of work, while Max Scherzer only allowed a Jesse Winker RBI single in 7 innings, and finishing in style if you consider agita to be style … getting a 5-4-3 double play with the bases loaded to end the inning and his night. You know Max was locked in because he wouldn’t even let the ceremonial first pitch happen.

F*** them ceremonies.

The first run that Drew Smith gave up this season was unfortunately a costly one, as Ty France’s hard hit single in the 8th provided the margin of defeat. Pete Alonso made a bid to tie the game in the 8th, but any ball that was getting up in the humid air was dying on the vine. Unfortunately, the hard hit balls were going right into gloves, and players like Francisco Lindor and Eduardo Escobar are barely hitting the ball hard at all, and a 2-1 loss to a team that had lost 12 of their last 15 highlights that.

Also, Jesse Winker is happy. And despite the fact that part of the reason he was happy was because of the Rangers winning Game 6, we can’t have that. But it’s important to remember the big picture, as illustrated by former Met Devin Mesoraco. He’s not available to take McCann’s place on the roster, but he’s rooting for us.

Today’s Hate List

1. Ty France
2. Marco Gonzales
3. Vince Coleman
4. Jeff Carter
5. Shane Victorino