Feces, With A Hint Of Glavine

Peterson Pulled
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To think that today started out so well. The Giants did us a solid by taking two of three from the Cobb County Braves with a 4-1 victory in San Francisco. I was sending Snoopy Happy Dance gifs to friends to celebrate the occasion. There was no way that the Cubs would sweep the Mets, right? The Mets were going to stretch their lead to a game and a half for sure. It’s just law of averages, right?

Feces, With A Hint Of Glavine

David Peterson couldn’t have been more awful. He walked the first three guys he faced, then after striking out Patrick Wisdom and threatening to pull off the John Franco, Yan Gomes and P.J. Higgins doubled off him to make it 4-0 and that was it. It certainly didn’t help that the Cubs stacked the lineup with righties against him, but if Peterson isn’t going to find the plate then it wouldn’t have mattered if the Cubs put nine cranky toddlers with pantloads in the lineup tonight.

The ironic part was that the Mets were thinking of starting Trevor Williams and bringing Peterson out of the pen tonight. But if that’s any indication of how Peterson is going to fare in the bullpen, then it’s going to be tough to find a spot for him on the postseason roster if he doesn’t pick it up the rest of the season, especially if Alex Claudio does anything while he’s up with the big club with the funky delivery he has. Peterson has given up more than a run per game in his last nine plus innings, and tonight was the capper. You can’t over hyperbole how horrible a start it was for David Peterson (though some tried really hard to go beyond the pale.) I’m sure that David Peterson will throw another pitch this season. But he has to make every one he throws count.

Fluff Castro wasn’t around to hit a potential grand slam to the warning track, but Peterson and the Mets Glavined this one away as their comeback attempt was less of a roar and more of a polite knock. The best chance they had was when Eduardo Escobar jolted one to the wall in the ninth, but Michael Hermosillo flew as high as another Michael who played for a Chicago area team once did, and the Mets were swept by the Cubs in nothing short of a horrendous turn of events for a team that lost a golden opportunity to put some distance in between them and the Braves. What this has wrought is that the Mets will have one more of these opportunities as they have the Pirates for four while the Braves have three at home against the Phillies, which means we have to root for the Phillies. The other thing this has wrought is that Marcus Stroman is the happiest person on earth tonight.

These are the bad times.

Today’s Hate List

  1. Michael Hermosillo
  2. Yan Gomes
  3. David Bote
  4. Adam Wainwright
  5. Yadier Molina
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