From Poetry To Prose In Twenty Years

Carl Everett Mets

On September 13th, 1997, Carl Everett hit a ninth inning game tying grand slam that brought about words of inspiration from a future blogger much more refined than myself:

From Poetry To Prose In Twenty Years

Twenty years later, the Mets game was summed up in just four words from a friend of mine who was at the game. He is not only an Angels fan, but he decided to spend his birthday … his birthday … watching the 2017 New York Mets live. I’ve been laid up in a hospital bed on my birthday and I’m trying to figure out which was worse.

As the Cubs total amount of runs went from 12 to 17, he messaged me the following:

“Man, your team sucks.”

It only took 20 years, but we’ve gone from the poetry of a Carl Everett grand slam to “man, your team sucks”. The transformation is complete. For those of you who are still sitting through Matt Harvey’s extended September spring training, the Mets lineup leaving hundreds of runners on base, and a bullpen imploding inside a petri dish where the prize specimen which came out of the return from all the good players had never pitched on back-to-back nights in his professional career … then you’re a better person than I, my friend.

Dodger Person One: You think we should tell ’em Rhame has never pitched on back-to-back nights?

Dodger Person Two: Nah, they’ll figure it out.

Jay Bruce must be glad he’s off this sinking ship and on a team that just won 21 straight games. Let’s go to Jay live from Cleveland:

Before you complain about this, ask yourself: You think getting your heads beat in 17-5 while your former backup catcher goes 2-for-2 with two RBI is fun?

At least everyone is being honest. From Jay Bruce to Matt Harvey.

From poetry to prose.

From “Ya Gotta Believe” to “Man Your Team Sucks”.

What a long, strange, twenty year trip it’s been.

Today’s Hate List

  1. Willson Contreras
  2. Ian Happ
  3. Albert Almora
  4. Jon Jay
  5. Jody Gerut


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