Getting To Know You

Tylor Megill had a no-hitter going through four innings. It marked nine straight no-hit innings for Megill which, while not a no-hitter, is kind of like a no-hitter substitute. Like margarine, or tofu. Or Ted McGinley.

Somehow, this is a game that the Mets lost 9-2.

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Much like Friday night’s combined no-hitter, Megill’s pitch count was elevated after five and 1/3 innings. So Buck Showalter brought in Adam Ottavino for the third time in three days. It’s something that Buck had never done before this season, but … I guess this is part of the process of “seeing what you got”? Seeing who in this bullpen can be your rubber arms while others have to be more regimented? I guess? Maybe with Trevor May out for a while, Buck felt like he had to find this out now?

Ottavino was brought into a tough, but not impossible situation. But a hitter that the Mets found impossible to retire was up with the bases loaded. Ottavino walked Travis d’Arnaud on five pitches to bring home the first run. Then he gave up a two run double to Adam Duvall to make it 3-0. Then after a wild pitch which made it 4-0, Ottavino gave up an RBI single to Dansby Swanson to make it 5-0, and that was it for Ottavino. Three batters, 14 pitches, seven strikes, one fastball, and one game that Trevor Williams have to neatly pack up for its trip to the dumpster (he pitched the final 3 and 2/3’s innings to save the rest of the bullpen (while giving up four more runs in the process). If Ottavino’s arm is indeed rubber, it’s the type of rubber from a blown out tire lying on the side of the road.

But at least Buck Showalter learned that now instead of in September during a make up of a rainout game against a team that chanted 1-2-3 Cancun in the clubhouse while the Marlins are on a 25 game winning streak to clinch the division. (I’m kidding. But if you think I’m gloom and doom, check out Twitter. Jeez.)

Today’s Hate List

1. Dansby Swanson
2. Jeremy Riggs
3. Chad Fairchild
4. Chris Lee
5. Adam Duvall