Happy Returns

Friday night featured a couple of returns: Michael Conforto to his home region in Seattle, and Neil Walker to the living as he returned from the disabled list. Both did quite well: Walker drove in the winning run in the eighth inning, and Conforto hit two home runs (off lefties), including a laser to tie the game in the eighth before Walker’s winner.

It was a good comeback win for the Mets, who never cease to amaze in their ability to not completely abandon all effort in a lost season. Especially after Rafael Montero turned a four inning cruise and a 4-1 lead into a 5-4 Mariner lead in one fell swoop (and three walks) in the fifth inning. All accomplished in the path of swirling trade winds that saw A.J. Ramos join the team in spirit after a surprising trade.

As for Conforto, I know it’s early in his young career, but he’s already on a historic path. I’m not talking Hall of Fame or anything, but if this keeps up, it isn’t going to be long before Conforto takes his place on the Mount Rushmore of most popular Mets in history. The start to his career, which featured early success and also a stint in the minor leagues which galvanized the fan base against management, has rallied the fan base behind Conforto. He keeps hitting like this and he’ll approach that pantheon of Seaver, Piazza, Wright. He already has the “homegrown” part of it (which makes Piazza’s popularity quite incredible) and the fresh face part of it. Now all he has to do is keep hitting.

Today’s Hate List

  1. Kyle Kendrick
  2. Jean Segura
  3. Chase Utley
  4. Gerry Davis
  5. Brad Hand