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Canha Face

We all look for that moment that is the springboard to a season changing winning streak. Although I think we’re better served to wait until the dust settles and let history decide what these moments are if they exist, I get it that we try to get out ahead of things like that. I’ve always been one to say that momentum is the next day’s starting pitcher, and the Mets have Carlos Carrasco going tomorrow.

But what might make tonight’s thrilling 2-1 victory different … even taking into account that it’s their fourth win in a row, is that they were looking like they were having a ton of fun while they were embarking on their ninth inning rally: a solo home run by Francisco Alvarez while the Mets were down to their final strike and looking dead in the water, followed up by a Brett Baty single and a Mark Canha go ahead triple to give the Mets the margin of victory. For the first time in 2023, the Mets were looking like the team we fell in love with in 2022. They looked loose, they looked happy.

Starting pitching has been a problem. Giving up runs in the first inning leads to a lot of symptoms, one of which is the hitters gripping the bats too tight. Another of which is the growing stress on the relievers to hold the fort. The Mets hae had a lot of on-field stress this season, and that can lead to some tense mother f*ckers in that room. After Alvarez and Canha did their thing in the 9th, they let loose like little leaguers who found out that they were getting sprinkles with their ice cream. I don’t think I’ve seen that since last season. While it doesn’t necessarily mean anything, I for one hope it means something.

But none of it is possible without Kodai Senga having the game of his life (so far.) Senga didn’t stop after the 7th like we all thought, especially after he gave up a mammoth home run to Christian Walker to make it 1-0 in that 7th inning. But he had a relatively easy 8th and finished at 72 strikes in 107 pitches, 12 K’s, one walk and four hits (one of them actually hit hard.) It was a masterful performance, and every time the Mets get that from a starter, it feels like the perfect excuse for a party.

Only the Mets couldn’t really party until Alvarez and Canha got him that win. Then it was time to imagine we were in the simpler time known as 2022. Maybe it leads to something special. Maybe it doesn’t. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Today’s Hate List

No list tonight. Just hoping Pete Stendel is okay.

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