KSI Wants Jake Paul Fight After Dillon Danis Bout In New Year

jake paul vs ksi

It seems that Jake Paul vs KSI may finally happen. KSI has revealed that the potential super-fight with ‘The Problem Child’ is likely to happen in the summer of 2023, after he beats up Dillon Danis on January 14th. After over four years of rivalry, Jake Paul and KSI may finally settle the score in the boxing ring.

KSI Wants Jake Paul Fight Next Summer

After years of back and forth between the pair, it seems that Jake Paul and KSI may finally settle their differences in the boxing ring next year.

The rivalry between KSI and the youngest Paul brother has stemmed backed to before KSI’s two fights with Jake’s brother, Logan Paul.

Despite KSI and Logan Paul now seemingly having some sort of friendship as well as setting up a business together, the rivalry between Jake and KSI has well and truly continued.

Now that Jake Paul seems to be making big moves in the boxing world, as well as KSI doing his own thing with the UK boxing scene, a fight between the pair seems inevitable. KSI has revealed that he has fallen in love with the sport of boxing, and that he wants to continue to improve before the mega-fight with ‘The Problem Child’.

At a press conference earlier this afternoon, the 29-year-old revealed that he does still wish to fight Jake Paul, but that he is enjoying the sport of boxing so much at the minute that he doesn’t want it to end:

“For me, it’s always about being able to improve. I hate getting injured because I feel it slows down my progress and I’m a progress-driven person.

“It [boxing] gives me purpose, and for me, that’s it. I definitely lost my purpose and lost my way a bit and felt very empty, whereas now I feel so fulfilled and good about my life and therapy has helped tremendously as well as having purpose in my life.”

“After Danis, then it’s breaking the next person and the next person and eventually getting to Jake Paul and destroying everything that he’s built,” he added. “I think it’s going to be fantastic… I could fight Jake middle of next year if I wanted to, I was definitely offered to, but I said ‘nah’ because I’m enjoying this too much.”

For now, the British YouTube star, turned musician, turned boxer must stay focused on the fight in hand with Dillon Danis. It will undoubtedly be the toughest fight of the Brit’s career, so he cannot afford to take his eye off the ball one bit.

Provided KSI gets the job done on January 14th, it looks like all roads lead to a mega-clash with long-term rival Jake Paul in the summer of 2023. Jake Paul vs KSI in a stadium in 2023 is an absolute huge fight!

KSI Promises To Shut Dillon Danis Up For Good

Before KSI sets his sights on Jake Paul, he must fully concentrate on the job in hand on January 14th. This will be the toughest fight of the YouTube star’s career, and one he must take fully seriously.

Danis is well known for being a former MMA training partner of UFC star Conor McGregor, so definitely knows his way around the ring. He has been fighting for far longer than his British opponent, albeit in the sport of mixed martial arts rather than boxing,

KSI revealed at a press conference today that he is fully concentrated at the job in hand against Danis, and that he won’t let the thought of the Jake Paul fight get in the way of him putting manners on Danis in the New Year:

“For me, making sure I break Dillon Danis’ face on January 14 is giving me so much joy.”

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