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When the game was 5-0, I felt bad for Denyi Reyes. I mean, he wasn’t great today, but he had … and I say this with all due respect and love … the worst defensive outfield that the Mets have ever put out on the field. Yes, that includes 1962 when they had 75-year-old Richie Ashburn play center, who could still move at the time.

They had one guy who couldn’t move to the point where pop ups as high as the light tower were dropping in for base hits (D.J. Stewart), one guy who couldn’t throw to the point that the Braves were talking third on basse hits to left (Abraham Almonte), and one guy who I’m not quite sure what he does particularly well (Rafael Ortega). I mean, it’s not their fault. Brandon Nimmo was resting, Starling Marte has a wonky groin (medical term), and Tommy Pham is in Arizona. This is who we’re going with, and the Mets are going to get a really good draft pick because of this. Sorry, Denyi. You’re a victim of circumstance.

Then it got to be 13-0 and all of a sudden that 7-0 loss on Friday seemed competitive.

I actually said “let me watch the 9th inning so the Braves reach 20”. Then when I realized that Danny Mendick was pitching, I knew this had a chance of actually happening. Sure enough, Deion Sanders picked off Browning Nagle and ran it back to the end zone and the Falcons hit the two point conversion to make it 21-3. Then the ultimate indignity: The Braves actually had a lead so big that they put in their own shortstop, Nicky Lopez, to pitch the 9th. And the Mets couldn’t do diddly poo against him.

They lost to a pitcher making his second ever MLB start, and was brilliant through seven inning throwing 82 mph changeups. Oh, and did I mention the Mets drafted him and developed him to the point where he could come up to Citi Field and pitch a gem … for a division rival?

I mean, it’s fine. I never heard of this guy until today so I’m not going to cry bloody murder. But the only thing I really ask for the rest of the season is that we can avoid the LOLMets moments. Losing to a former farmhand by 18 runs probably qualifies as one. And this isn’t even in one of the nationally televised games. So if you think it can’t get worse … well it probably can’t get worse, but it could have a bigger audience. So just lose 1-0 or something in Game 2 of the DH, please?

Today’s Game One Hate List

  1. Matt Olson
  2. Austin Riley
  3. Allan Winans
  4. Spencer Strider
  5. Larry Jones
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