Markieff Morris Threatens Nikola Jokic

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On a podcast along with his brother, Markieff Morris discusses the incident that occurred with Nikola Jokic two years ago. This was of course when Jokic shoved Morris after the former Miami Heat player took a cheap shot foul on the big man on a fast break.

“Sucker shot. That’s what we call it in my hood,” Morris said of the shove from Jokic. “Took a sucker shot. They call it snuck. He snuck me. It was a sucker shot. He’s gonna get his though. Don’t trip.”

While the Morris twins are considered “enforcers,” in today’s league, one still has to take this as a direct threat from Markieff Morris. Will the league do something about it? We will see.

Markieff Morris Continues to Talk About Nikola Jokic Incident From Two Seasons Ago 

Markieff Morris Will Play With Dallas This Season

Morris is currently unsigned. However, he claims he will sign a deal with the Dallas Mavericks before the upcoming NBA season. If he does sign with the Mavericks, they will play the Denver Nuggets on November 3rd. Remember, Markieff Morris was a part of the trade that sent Kyrie Irving to the Dallas Mavericks this past NBA Trade Deadline. It remains to be seen where he will fit into Dallas’ rotation if he does sign with them. Regardless, expect a very physical matchup on November 3rd due to the history between Nikola Jokic and Markieff Morris.

Nikola Jokic Primed for Another Big Season

While Morris is talking a big game, Jokic is primed to have another outstanding season. He is coming off a year where he led the Denver Nuggets to their first franchise title and was once again in MVP talks. Not to mention, he averaged an insane 30.2 points, 14.0 total rebounds, and 7.2 assists per game during the NBA Finals.

As if that was not enough, Jokic also tallied 30.0 points, 13.5 total rebounds, and 9.5 assists per game throughout the postseason. If Markieff Morris does try to injure the reigning Finals MVP, there are going to be multiple consequences. Not just from the league, but it could also cause a lot of retaliation from Jokic’s teammates as well. All in all, Markieff Morris may want to take caution in starting something with the big man from Serbia. After all, Nikola Jokic is not one to back down from a fight and Morris should know the best out of all active NBA players.

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