Mets announcer Howie Rose blasts MLB for not allowing team to wear first responder hats

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It was a great idea by the Mets to pay tribute to NYC’s first responders at Wednesday’s game against the Diamondbacks at Citi Field, unfortunately, MLB shut it down.

The Mets didn’t propose anything over the top, either. They simply wanted to wear 9/11 first responder hats during the game. It seemed like the perfect way to pay tribute in a respectful way.

And yet, MLB told them it wasn’t allowed, for some reason.

That didn’t go over well with Mets announcer Howie Rose, who blasted the league during Wednesday’s broadcast.

“I’m sorry, it is just incomprehensible to me that Major League Baseball cannot see fit to allow Mets to pay tribute to those who gave their lives and in some cases are still doing so,” Rose stated during the game. “It’s OK for MLB to foist those horrendous players weekend uniforms on us; they allowed the Houston Astros to wear Apollo 11 caps commemorating the moon landing 50 years ago. Somebody at a very high level in Major League Baseball’s hierarchy needs to answer this: Whose rights are being infringed upon by the Mets wearing first responder caps for one game? It’s not about copyright. It’s not about licensing.”

Spot on, Howie. We could not agree more.

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