Mystery Team In On Michael Conforto

Division Series - New York Mets v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Two

Don’t worry, that mystery team is probably the Toros del Este or something. You see, there’s been a development in the Mets family that looks like another unnecessary strain on the relationship between player and manager. And if you went for the obvious and guessed Michael Conforto was the player in this latest Terry Collins drama, well you’d be right! (And you read the title.)

At least Terry Collins is finally going to get Conforto at-bats, right? Yeah, they’re in Venezuela. But that’s a minor detail.

To be honest, I’m not sure if winter ball would be best for him. But it’s all ironic, and it’s a seemingly benign yet strange hint that this could be … as my podcasting buddy puts it … destined to be a bad marriage. But the Mets are the Liz Taylor of baseball, right? Carlos Beltran, Justin Turner, Marlon Byrd, and hopefully not yet perhaps, Michael Conforto. All marriages that ended badly or are moving towards that Dick Burton stage. And all over winter ball, which does seem ridiculous. I mean, Conforto was the Mets three hole hitter in May. Now it’s December and the Mets want him to go to winter ball? Some relationship.

But hey, it’s winter ball. What could happen?

Oh yeah. That.

Nice to see Ray Ramirez getting work on the side.

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