Top 5 Overreactions to NFL Championship Weekend

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NFL Championship Weekend was mired in controversy. There were a few game-changing penalties and injuries that ultimately shaped the outcome. Below, we’ll go over the top five overreactions to NFL Championship Weekend.

Stop saying it because it’s just not true. At least not most of it.

5. Joseph Ossai DID cost his team by committing a stupid penalty.

If you’ve watched one minute of the NFL this year, you know they’re going to call an unnecessary roughness penalty on anything close. And this wasn’t even close.

It was a young player pushing an NFL star quarterback to the ground five yards out of bounds. Joseph Ossai’s 15-yard penalty put Kansas City in field goal range, and kicker Harrison Butker booted a “had just enough on it” 45-yard field goal for a last-second win.

Otherwise it’s a 60-yard FG try and likely OT in the AFC title game.

4. Brock Purdy’s Arm Injury Is Why The Philadelphia Eagles Won the NFC Title Game Over The San Francisco 49ers.

That would be a “negatory” good buddy.

My only complaint with San Francisco head coach Kyle Shanahan is not having a better veteran backup QB (or two) available. The 49ers lost because the Eagles were healthier, had the better all-around team and a huge home field advantage.

3. Tony Romo Has Become A Huge Turn-Off

Judging by the Twitter firestorm, I would agree. He’s gone from being an astute play caller to an insufferable bore who never shuts up. There’s no doubt he knows the game but CBS overpaid a lot for his services. I’d rather have Dan Fouts back.

2. Patrick Mahomes and Joe Burrow are “Must See TV”

This is also true. Burrows had a solid game against the Chiefs, 270 yards, a TD, spoiled by two interceptions. But he always gives his team a chance to win and is one of the few QB’s in the league who talks the talk and walks the walk. Mahomes is a flat out baller.

He’ll win the NFL MVP again after a regular season which featured 5,250 yards, a 41-12 TD/Interception ratio, and a QB rating of 105.2. And there’s this: despite playing with a painful high ankle sprain, he was better than ever in the win over the Bengals completing 29 of 43 for 326 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions.

1. The NFL is Rigged

That is a massive falsehood. Granted calls are missed every series.

Holding, pass interference and some roughing the passer penalties are blatant mistakes. But there’s too much money at stake for the game to ever be fixed.

It’s not happening.

For those of you (mostly Bengal fans) still  upset over the Ossai call, you need to get over it.

All of us have lamented a call or calls that went against our favorite team, no matter the team and no matter the sport. And yes the referees missed a holding call on the KC Chiefs on the same roughing call.

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