Rig Radio Episode 10: Is This Team For Real?

oilers rig

Join podcast regulars Steven Darnell, Avry Lewis-McDougall and Megan Fowler for episode 10 of Rig Radio 2.0.

This episode we talk about the Oilers’ hot start and whether or not the team is for real, if the Eichel trade was the best it could be, Taylor Hall getting an A,  if the Panthers are for real, why Seattle may be exactly what we thought they’d be, and we take some time to unpack some of the more serious things happening in the hockey world right now.

Now that we’ve got our website issues (mostly) sorted out and have figured out the easiest way to record our audio, we’ll be getting back to a biweekly recording schedule and have some plans for some guests in the near future.


Thank you for sticking with us in this transition period. We really appreciate it.

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