Ron Darling Has Had Quite Enough

New York Mets v Miami Marlins

At a certain point, all of these Mets injuries have to make one think that something more is going on than just mere coincidence, or “this happens to every team but only we whine about it.” Robert Gsellman ripped up his hamstring while trying to beat out a double play in the top of the fourth inning against Miami. And while you may want to attribute it to a pitcher lacking the necessary physical tools to do something he’s not used to … like run, Ron Darling has finally joined the conspiracy theorists and has come right out and said that all of these injuries as a group are totally preventable.

So if you don’t believe me while I’m sitting here with my tin foil Mets hat, maybe you’ll believe Ron Darling.

Good for Ronnie and good for SNY for tweeting this out. I don’t know if Ronnie was “throwing shade” (as the kids say) at the Mets trainers or the direction that baseball is headed in general, but Darling is right. Now I’ve always thought Keith was the one who plays the “when I was young kids actually got off my lawn” card more than Ron. So if Darling is saying it, then by the power of Grayskull can somebody listen? Please???

Amazingly even after Gsellman’s injury, the Mets had a chance to win the game as late as the seventh inning, thanks to Paul Sewald’s good three innings of work and a game tying home run by Travis d’Arnaud. But Curtis Granderson, who led off the game with a home run, grounded into a double play in the top of the 7th, then Terry Collins decided that Neil Ramirez and his sponsored by Satan 6.66 ERA would be a great move for a tie game in the seventh. Ramirez, predictably, couldn’t get an out to set up Ichiro’s game winning base hit past Wilmer Flores who was chasing ghosts instead of going after the ball, and the Mets lost the game thanks to Terry Collins and his insistence on making the worst possible life choices with his bullpen. I mean, why eat at a fancy restaurant when this dead possum on I-95 has roughly the same nutritional value? Makes a ton of sense to me.

After the game, Collins actually divided leg injuries, lat tears and ligament tears into three different categories while holding on for dear life to the belief that this is all coincidence. He did so with a straight face.

[mlbvideo id=”1547167783″ width=”400″ height=”224″ /]

Ron Darling needs to head down to that clubhouse and smack Terry upside the head with a dead fish.

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