Second Verse, Not Like The First

I’m going to take another chance here and start writing this post before the game is over. I mean, it worked when the Mets were down 7-1 in the 9th, so let me try it here.

It was always going to be a rough go: A bullpen game at Coors Field? Yeesh. Despite my belief that for the Mets to survive this stretch without Max Scherzer that they had to fatten up on teams like the Rockies and Marlins, starting Trevor Williams at Coors was always going to be fraught with danger. Sure enough, Williams gave up two 2-run HR’s to C.J. Cron and Brian Serven to give the Rockies a 4-2 lead after two innings.

Things calmed down a bit as Williams made it through four innings, and Adonis Medina got out of trouble in the 5th to keep the score at 4-2, and the Mets got a run in the top of the 6th as J.D. Davis hit a single off the opposing pitcher to bring home Mark Canha to make it 4-3, and there was a fleeting thought that the Mets would steal this one. So Buck SHowalter sends Medina out for the 6th because, well what the hell else is he going to do in the second game of a double header with a pitching staff that’s already worked to the nub without Scherzer, Jacob deGrom, and Tylor MeGill?

Maybe he stuck with Medina a little bit too long in the bottom of the 6th while giving up five runs (including another home run to Serven), as Chasen Shreve came in to pour water on charred wood with the score 8-3. But I can understand Buck wanting to find out about Medina, as the talk has been that the Mets are flirting with stretching him out to be a starter. Had it not been for all the injuries, maybe that’s the route they would have taken, and maybe it’s a route that they will still think about at some point this season. But with the Mets in a pickle right now, it’s just not possible. In the second game of a doubleheader, it wasn’t the worst idea in the world to try to nurse Medina through that 6th. But it just didn’t work. And because of that the Mets were well on their way to dropping a game that they probably would have dropped anyway whether Medina was pulled earlier or not. It was just one of those damn games.

Yeah, writing this post ahead of time didn’t work. The Mets lost 11-3. Of course Brendan Rodgers ended the game with a brilliant diving catch after looking like Dan Uggla for eight innings.

Today’s Game 2 Hate List

1. Brendan Rodgers
2. Sam Hilliard
3. Connor Joe
4. C.J. Cron
5. Randal Grichuk