Shame Through The Raindrops As Fans Get Drowned Out Again

Nationals Rain

The Washington Nationals, Major League Baseball, and its umpires, can screw up free lunch.

Anyone who checked knew that it was going to rain in Washington at Saturday’s scheduled game time at 4:00 ET, and then it was going to clear by 7:00 so that the game could start, realstically, by 7:30 or 8:00. So why the Nationals decided to let this game begin at the scheduled time and put their own pitcher, Trevor Williams, at risk of only pitching a couple of innings and then have to be taken out of the game after a long rain delay is baffling enough.

But then once the game started and the decision to delay the game fell into the hands of Paul Emmel and his crew, it became preposterous that they allowed the game to be played in a heavy rain until the infield got shiny, and the warning track accrued puddles. Why they let the game to on so long is beyond me.

Then, for the rain delay to last over three hours without any information being dissemenated to the fans as to what the hell was going on, even as it was plain as day that the field looked unplayable and the managers were conferring with Emmel to relay their concerns, is just … well, it’s typical for Major League Baseball. But for anyone who made the trek to that game, whether it bef from Foggy Bottom or Forest Hills, they should be absolutely livid that they were made to stay in that park with no information for hours on end.

The coup de grace though, after the game was officially suspended to be picked up tomorrow, is the Nationals making tomorrow’s doubleheader a SPLIT doubleheader.

Note to the Washington Nationals: there is no way in hell you’re coming close to drawing 41,339 fans for either game tomorrow, let alone both. Your decision to make Sunday’s doubleheader a split fare, when you played a huge part as to why this game couldn’t be played to completion, is a downright insult to your fans, Mets fans who came down from New York, and anyone watching on television waiting for updates. Saturday was an absolute clown show all the way around, and everyone that played a part in this should be ashamed of themselves.

Makes me wonder why we love baseball when it clearly doesn’t love us back.

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