Site Update and Test Post

oilers rig

Hello, and welcome to the new season! (Yes I know that the Oilers have played 6 games already, but things have been busy.)

You may have noticed that we have a few new writers working with us. We said goodbye to Alex Thomas in August, as he’s moved on to a job with the AHL’s Hartford Wolfpack, and we needed to bring in 4 new people just to make up for the workload.

We are pleased to welcome Greg Babinski, Mike Pagani, Kirk Morris and Reed Watts to our site. You’ll be able to read their stuff on a regular basis and we are very excited to have them.

We are also recording a podcast semi-regularly (though we missed this weekend due to some scheduling conflicts). You can find our stuff on Spotify (and most other podcast platforms) under the name Oilers Rig Radio.

We’ve had a little technical trouble with the site, so I’m just posting this to check and make sure that everything is working fine.


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