Stewardship Accomplished (It’s Luis Rojas)

MLB: Spring Training-New York Mets at Washington Nationals
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The Mets have reportedly chosen a figurehead to execute Brodie Von Monorail’s managerial strategy.

Players love him (like they’re going to come out and say they hate him):

LeBroninson Cano had some influence, I’m sure.

He has bloodlines:

And he kinda looks like Ruben Tejada after putting him through the aging app.

The Mets now have a cost controlled manager, which is important because they’re paying Mickey Callaway for a season, and are out $200K for Carlos Beltran’s charity in lieu of a paycheck, so no Vitamin Waters in the refrigerator this season. In fact, no refrigerator. You get bodega juice cups in a cooler and you’ll like it.

I wish Rojas the best. He might succeed, he might not. Always remember: Next time you want to complain about his handling of the bullpen, remember who is really managing from the couch. BVM got what he wanted: a figurehead to take all of the slings and arrows meant for him. It had better work.

(And yeah, that’s Tebow with Rojas in the header. Page clicks. Deal with it.)

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