Sunday Fish Fry

Canha Smile

The Mets had 12 hits against Pablo Lopez before he got eight outs. That should tell you all you need to know about the end of the Marlin Massacre.

(I wonder if Lopez is just about sick of us right now.)

But it was still an impressive win by the Mets if for no other reason than they showed you what a good team does when they are playing a sub-par team with a 6-0 lead. They keep the foot on the gas, and they keep their heads in the game. Brandon Nimmo busted his hump to beat out a double play with the score 6-0 when a double play still would have scored the 7th run. Mark Canha kept his head in the game when the Marlins turned into the Aguilar brothers. Then on a Francisco Lindor grounder that almost killed Joey Wendle. Nimmo did this …

Patrick Mazeika is laying down bunts against shifts. What more does anybody want to know about this team? I guess the only thing to find out is what the team will look like after the trade deadline.

Lindor seems to know something, but he won’t share with the class. So I’m going to take a stab at it:

Trade Deadline Predictions

  • The Mets will wind up getting David Robertson, and only David Robertson, from the Cubs.
  • If they can’t get J.D. Martinez at their price, they’ll just call up Mark Vientos and call it a day.
  • If Juan Soto gets dealt (and honestly, I don’t think he gets dealt until the off-season), it’ll be to the Padres. Deductive reasoning: I think the Mets, Dodgers, and to a lesser extent the Yankees will wait Soto/Boras out and hope that he makes it to free agency, which smart money says that he will. But the Padres are the team that has nothing to lose by acquiring Soto just for the two and a half years and try to win during Manny Machado’s prime.
  • My stab at where Josh Bell goes? Tampa. With Houston as a darkhorse.
  • Dom Smith will be gone. A team will have mercy on him and put him somewhere to see what he can do. My hunch says Red Sox, but it might be some other team that isn’t good enough to be a contender but isn’t bad enough to have intriguing prospects to play like the Pirates.
  • I get a funny feeling that Noah Syndergaard will be back in New York … if not in Queens, if you catch my drift.
  • There will be a reporter on twitter who will retweet a fake account reporting that Juan Soto is being traded to the Samsung Lions for Tyler Saladino and a bunch of phones. (My money is on Nightengale.)

Today’s Hate List

  1. Fake Twitter Accounts
  2. Fake reporters posing as real reporters
  3. Real reporters posting as real reporters
  4. Real reporters who get duped by fake reporters and fake twitter accounts
  5. Buster Olney
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