The Mets Paid $9.5 Million For That

James McCann Money

We’re in the part of the season where we should expect losses like Friday’s loss to happen. I mean, it’s not worth getting mad over anymore. If the bullpen of Phil Bickford, Reid Garrett, and Alejandro Pena want to open the barn doors and let the pigs and the chickens and the cows foam free, that’s more than fine. We could use the better draft pick anyway. Figure at 50-112, the pick should be pretty high. Because if they keep going like this, the 2023 Mets will never win again. I’m cool with it.

The only question now is how many moments will we have that will just make us laugh hysterically. Because if you’ve been a Mets fan for any length of time, you saw the first post-deadline laugh out loud moment coming.

The only surprise was that it was undersold.

The Mets are paying out a lot of money to players to play on other teams. Max, Justin, D-Rob, probably a few more in the name of getting good prospects back. When James McCann got traded, Steve Cohen picked up his money to basically help him go away. I mean, they got someone named Luis de la Cruz back, but to the best of my Google search he hasn’t even played this year. For all I know, he retired to join the circus. That was what they got back for their $9.5 million. That and three hits, five RBI and a stolen base against them tonight.

That’s right. James McCann stole third base on them like he’s Rickey f*cking Henderson. And Steve Cohen paid for it. (Editor’s note: We’re also paying for it with our souls. But I guess we sold our souls to this team a long time ago. Too bad they were lost in the Madoff scheme.)

I really did laugh at every single McCann hit. I really did. Even the stolen base. I really am shifting my gears to just enjoy the summer, and whatever happens with these Mets will happen. I will say this: there is definitely a malaise over this team. Understandable. And players are reacting to it in different ways. But if they keep reacting with sloppy play, laziness, and letting guys take extra bases because they have their heads in the clouds, then they had better watch out because people are always watching.

Sometimes, bad is bad. But lazy is inexcusable.

Today’s Hate List

Cole Hamels.

Congratulations on your retirement. May it be filled with scurvy and cholera.

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