Two Is A Trend

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Yesterday’s 10-0 loss was easily attributed to a day game after travel, Carlos Carrasco’s lack of velocity, and Tommy Hunter giving up his health to make sure that the pitching staff wouldn’t be stretched out for tonight, which would surely be an improvement with a good night’s sleep and Max Scherzer on the mound, right?

Right. They only lost 9-0.

I’m not much for NFL-izing a long baseball season, making everything more urgent than it needs to be, but losing 19-0 over the span of 18 innings against a good team is mildly concerning. It didn’t take long to notice that the 2022 Mets “hit different” (as the kids say.) After six games in 2023, I’m concerned that this team is, once again, hitting differently. Or not at all.

To be fair, the offense did get their hit total to eight, up from three yesterday. So … progress. But presented with some early opportunities to get on the board to even up the game after Brian Anderson’s two run double gave the Brewers the early lead, the Mets spit multiple bits. Francisco Lindor grounded into an inning ending double play in the third with two runners on. The Mets led off the fifth with Jeff McNeil getting hit by a pitch and Eduardo Escobar flaring a single. But the Mets did nothing with that as Wade Miley, another lefty, shut them down with ease (getting shut down by lefties being another concerning aspect of the lack of offense.)

Then came the 6th, which was Max Scherzer’s minefield on Opening Day, but the Mets survived that because they were actually hitting the ball. But they weren’t hitting tonight, and Max Scherzer gave up three straight homers for the first time since 2017. Max has always given up his share of dingers, but after giving up three straight to Rowdy Tellez, Brian Anderson (who is putting in to be the next Larry Jones), and Garrett Mitchell, Scherzer looked lik an imposter.

Two Is A Trend

Anderson’s double in the first came after Scherzer held the ball extra long. Perhaps Max needs to stop worrying about manipulating the pitch clock and just throw his pitches. Now keep in mind: I don’t say that because I know what I’m talking about. I say this because I can sleep at night if I convince myself that Scherzer’s struggles are related to the new rules and unrelated to him getting old and turning into Mel Rojas before our very eyes. Because if it’s that, well then there’s not much the Mets can do because those pitching prospects are too far away to make a difference any time soon.

The good news is that the Mets have hitting prospects that can come up in May if this doesn’t turn around quick. The bad news is that one of them re-injured the same thumb he hurt last year. Buck Showalter seemed to direct his ire squarely on the offense rather than the pitching, whether it be Max or Brooks Raley, who gave up four runs in the 7th. So either the hitters on the roster had better start hitting, or the Mets had better get Kyrie Irving to burn some sage around American Family Field. Or the Pfister Hotel. Or the Fonzie statue. Or Corbin Burnes’ locker.

Today’s Hate List

  1. Rowdy Tellez
  2. Brian Anderson
  3. Garrett Mitchell
  4. Wade Miley
  5. The Pfister Hotel
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