WWE Star Logal Paul Throws Cake At Dillon Danis Press Conference

WWE Star Logal Paul Throws Cake At Dillon Danis Press Conference

There’s never a dull moment when Logan Paul is involved.

All the theatrics were front and center on Tuesday, as the press conference for the upcoming pay-per-view featuring Logan Paul vs Dillion Danis and KSI vs Tommy Fury turned into a disaster.

The feud between Paul and Danis is building and the tension between the two fighters was very evident at Tuesday’s press conference in London. The two were trolling each other back and forth with Danis taking shots at Paul’s fiance Nina Adgal. At the press conference, Paul took it one step further by wishing Danis a happy 30th birthday, bringing a cake of him knocked out on the floor.

The press conference only escalated from there with the two hurling objects at each other.

The scheduled bout is set to take place on October 14th at AO Arena in Manchester.

Logan Paul Throws Cake at Dillion Danis at Press Conference

For Danis’ actual birthday, Paul brought a cake that depicted a knocked-out, badly bruised Danis laid out on the stage. It wasn’t very long before Danis and Paul were exchanging personal insults.

As the cake was brought out on stage, Paul sang an explicit version of “Happy Birthday to You” to Danis. Immediately, Danis threw a drink his way which caused an eruption.

It wasn’t long before the two needed to be separated. As things were thrown back and forth, Paul took the head of the cake and hurled it in Danis’ direction as he was leaving the stage. Danis responded by throwing the mic and being immediately restrained by security.

The WWE star has a knack for stirring the pot. He spent $7,000 on the cake which was used as a ploy towards Danis.

Mike Perry Secured as Back Up If Dillion Danis Drops Out

To add fuel to the fire, after the press conference was over, Logan Paul took another jab at Danis by stating his official backup is Mike Perry.

This will be Danis’ first fight in four years. He was previously matched up with KSI earlier this year but dropped out weeks leading up to the event.

In case, he does drop out, Perry is now set at the alternative, putting the pressure on Danis.

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