MLB: Cleveland Indians at Boston Red Sox

A Dive Into Directional Outs Above Average


The game of baseball has been progressing in terms of the precision of player evaluation and development at a rate…

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Boston Bruins v Columbus Blue Jackets

The Truly Unexpected with the Blue Jackets

The Columbus Blue Jackets are on fire, and everything seems to be in order as to why. The team’s record…

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Inside the Nets’ third quarter issues

The Nets have been pretty good this season, except in the third quarter. Let’s dig into the stats to see why.

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Tommy Stevens touchdown vs. Iowa

Points-Off-Turnover Efficiency: Penn State has scored 35 points off five straight turnovers

Two weeks ago we took a little bit of an analytical look at Penn State’s turnover margin and the points…

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Area of Improvement: Penn State and Turnover Effectiveness

Last season, Penn State ended the year with a +4 turnover margin, putting them roughly in the middle of the…

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