10 Athletes Who Went Over The Top For Their Weddings

Unless your net worth is in the hundred of millions to billions, celebrity weddings are the closest thing we have to fairytale-like events. With amassing hundreds of thousands, if not millions to exchange vows, the weddings athletes have can be absolutely astounding. Moreover, when you consider that the average wedding costs approximately $27,698, for most of us, that’s a pretty hefty price tag. However, for these athletes, that’s chump change.

While most of us might question what we’d do if we had a million dollars, for these folks, having an immaculate wedding reception was key. Which, who can blame them? After all, with how much work they put in on and off the field, it’s only right to celebrate when the times right. And for a wedding, you better believe these all-stars shelled out an exceptional amount. Check them out below:

Wayne Rooney

Despite tying the knot over almost ten years ago, Wayne Rooney still to this day has one of the most expensive weddings amongst sports stars. The longtime Manchester United’s Forward’s ceremony cost almost $6 million, making Rooney’s Italian wedding was one for the books.

Michael Jordan

As one of the greatest basketball players of all time, what else would you expect out of that special day? Michael Jordan’s Palm Beach wedding racked up a nearly $10 million tab, which is a drop in the bucket in comparison to the six-time champion and Jordan Brand founder’s $1.7 billion net worth. And when it comes to ceremonies, count MJ as an MVP in that category as well.

Tony Parker

At one point, Tony Parker and Eva Longoria once were at the top of the game, what with Parker coming off two rings in three years and Longoria as the lead in the smash hit Desperate Housewives. Although the two have now gone their separate ways, their 2007 ceremony racked up a $1.7 million bill. Then again, when you and your significant other are in their prime, who’s to put a price tag on love?

Tiger Woods

With such an illustrious career spanning nearly two decades, Woods arguably has had some of the most success out of any athlete across the board. And what better way to celebrate than a $2 million shindig in the Barbados? And the “happily ever after”? Well, we know how that story went.

Kris Humphries

Before there was KimYe, the Kardashian clan member was married to New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets star Kris Humphries. The cost to marry the arguable queen of social media? A crisp $10 million, or approximately $138,888 per day before Kardashian filed for divorce 78 days later. During a lengthy divorce settlement, it was reported that Kardashian orchestrated the whole thing as a publicity stunt, a claim Humphries wholeheartedly supports.

Eli Manning

It’s no secret that Manning has been known to put on some spectacular performances on the field, but his 2008 wedding was one to match the ages as well. Costing approximately $500,000 per person, the Giants’ quarterback didn’t hold back on the intimate affair, and it certainly showed by the results.

Lebron James

When you’re name’s King James, having anything less than an affair fit for royalty would be laughable. The Cavs’ star was married in 2013 to his longtime partner Savannah Brinson, with a three-day affair that racked up into the millions. And with catching up to MJ on rings, why not do the same for his wedding bill as well?

Mike Fisher

When you’re marrying one of Country Music’s biggest stars, why wouldn’t you go all out? As Predators’ Mike Fisher said “I do” with Carrie Underwood, the total bill came out to about $500,000. But as both of them have had long, successful careers thus far, I’m sure it was worth every penny spent.

David Beckham

Beckham’s wedding was one not just legendary in the sports world, but the world of celebrity marriages in general. In fact, their $800,000 wedding in Ireland was admitted just this past year by Beckham as seeming “a little excessive.”

Tony Romo

Romo is no stranger to going big or going home, and his wedding to Candice Crawford was no exception. The couple rented out the entire historic property of Arlington Hall Mansion, costing a pretty penny when you factor in the numerous amount of other amenities shelled out by the Cowboy’s former gunslinger. However, now with being retired Romo can sit back and look through a few of the special day’s photos whenever he pleases.