Alleged Affair Has Stolen The Spotlight In New David Beckham Documentary on Netflix


The new Netflix documentary “Beckham” focuses on the extraordinary career and life of English Futbol Star David Beckham and his Family. But they also had to touch on some of the darker parts of his life off the pitch.

Rebecca Loos, a name synonymous with a tumultuous chapter in the lives of David and Victoria Beckham, has recently broken her silence following the couple’s revelations about their past. Loos, a Dutch glamour model, rose to infamy in 2004 when allegations of an affair with the football icon, David Beckham, came to light.

This Part of the Documentary Has Stolen the Spotlight

This affair became a central topic in Netflix’s docuseries “Beckham,” in which Victoria Beckham candidly shared the emotional turmoil she endured during those turbulent times. She described it as the “hardest” period of her life, highlighting the immense strain that such allegations can place on a relationship.

Loos Has Sort of Responded

In response to the documentary and perhaps the resurgence of media attention, Rebecca Loos posted publicly for the first time in a while. She shared a video of snowfall, accompanied by the words, “Hello Winter! Early as usual.” It was a simple yet poignant message that hinted at a newfound perspective on life, away from the glare of the public eye.

After the scandal, Rebecca Loos chose to relocate to the serene Norwegian mountains, distancing herself from the relentless scrutiny of the media. There, she carved out a tranquil existence, focused on wellness and family life. Her journey took her from the tumultuous world of celebrity to a life centered around yoga, running, biking, hiking, and even foraging for food with her children.

Both Victoria and David Commented on the Alleged Affair – Kind Of

In the four-part documentary series, both David and Victoria Beckham shared their side of the story. David admitted that he felt isolated when the allegations came to light, particularly because he had moved to Spain while Victoria and their children stayed in the UK. It was a challenging period for him, marked by loneliness and uncertainty.

Victoria echoed her husband’s sentiments, acknowledging that the world felt like it was against them during that time. She emphasized that they no longer felt like they had each other, even while residing in Spain. Her words were a stark reminder of the toll such incidents can take on even the strongest of relationships.

Through it all, the Beckhams persevered, describing their commitment to each other as a fight. David confessed that he didn’t know how they managed to get through those trying days, but they knew they had to fight for their family. He recounted the physical and emotional toll the crisis took on him, admitting that he felt sick every morning.

Despite the challenges, Victoria Beckham moved to Madrid, and the couple bought a £3 million home there. This chapter of their lives also saw the birth of their third son, Cruz.

Loos’ Original Claims

Rebecca Loos, meanwhile, conducted an interview with Sky News, during which she revealed details about her alleged affair with David Beckham. She claimed they had been intimate on multiple occasions and spoke about the undeniable connection they had. She also hinted at the possibility that David missed Victoria while he was with Real Madrid, a question she left somewhat open-ended.

After her brush with fame in the UK, Rebecca Loos met her Norwegian doctor husband on the reality show “71 Degrees North.” Together, they embarked on a new life in Norway, far from the glamour of the entertainment industry. Her focus shifted toward health and fitness, yoga, and embracing a simpler, nature-centric lifestyle with her family in the mountains.


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