Floyd Mayweather hints at Conor McGregor fight, coming out of retirement

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Floyd Mayweather still wants the Conor McGregor to happen.

The man called “Money” tried to get the fight to happen once. For McGregor’s part, he dropped hints at a bout with Mayweather at a recent UFC press conference.

As such, TMZ caught up with Mayweather to ask him about the potential superfight:

Long story short … Floyd says it’s super difficult to put the fight together — as we all know from the first time he tried to make it happen — but wouldn’t say it’s completely off the table.

“Are we going to fight? I just don’t know.”

More interesting, though, is this nugget about retirement:

One last thing … we asked Floyd if he was planning to stay retired — and his response, “For a couple bucks, you just don’t know.”

Interesting, right?

Most probably didn’t think Mayweather would stay retired. He’s 39 years old, but one win away from the coveted 50-win mark. Risking it all against a talented opponent doesn’t seem wise, but for Money, it’s always been about the money. He won’t draw more than what he did against Manny Pacquiao unless he grabs a name like McGregor.

Given how much the two hint at it, the fight could still come together down the road. For now, this is a notable update in the sense somebody might be able to pry Mayweather from the jaws of retirement for the right price.

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