How to Use a U.K. Football Accumulator

There are more than a few sports bettors out there in world who prefer betting smaller amounts with a chance to get bigger returns. Serious (professional gamblers) will tend to focus on a game or two and place big straight wagers, banking on their handicapping skills to create consistent returns. For novice bettors, straight bets tend to place too many restrictions on their gambling. That’s why accumulators (parlays) and football accumulator tips are so popular with recreational sports bettor.

What is a Football Accumulator?

A football accumulator is a wager where two or more teams from different matches and/or markets are listed on the same betting slip, and every team listed on the slip is required to win or the ticket ends up being deemed a loser. The payout is calculated by multiplying the amount of the wager times the individual odds of the first game and taking that total times the individual odds of the next game and so forth until all games on the betting slip have been included. Generally, there is no limit on the number of games that can be included.

The Pros and Cons Related to Accumulators

Recreational sports bettors are usually playing with a limited bankroll. An accumulator allows them to place smaller wagers while covering more games of interest on the same betting slip. Based on risk/reward analysis, they can bet a smaller amount with less risk for a bigger potential reward.

On the downside, accumulators are bad bets. That’s the primary reason professional sports bettors avoid them at all costs. The issue at hand is accumulators rarely, if ever; return the true value on the bet. Example: a 3-team accumulator on American football with point spreads and betting odds of -1.10 on each game returns odds of roughly 6-1. The true odds are 8-1. That’s a lot of extra value to give up to the bookie after having to win all three games.

Calculating Accumulator Payoffs

The process of calculating the return on an accumulator is really nothing more than simple multiplication. For the following example, four premiere league games will be used on a 4-team accumulator. On the betting slip will be the following teams with odds.

Liverpool to win +2.30

Manchester United to win +1.30

Chelsea/Arsenal to tie +2.00

Manchester City to win +1.50

Taking the games in order, here is the proper calculation on a wager of £10.

£10 x 2.30 (£33) x 1.30 (£75.90) x 2.00 (£227.70) x 1.50 = £569.25

Note: The numbers in brackets represent the accumulated total winning at that point in the calculation. Obviously, a net return of £386.75 on a small bet of £10 is quite attractive and exciting. Of course, anyone who is familiar with Premiere League Soccer would immediately recognize how difficult it would be to hit this particular accumulator.  The reward is significant, but the likelihood of getting that reward reflects that fact.

Getting Extra Value From An Accumulator

Let’s say a sports bettor has just picked up today’s football tips accumulator from their favorite tipster. They go online and start looking for a bookmaker with which they can place the bet. Occasionally, one of the top online bookmakers will be running a promotion that bumps the payout on a winning accumulator bet. They might even have a promo that offers a refund if the accumulator falls one match short of being a winner. Knowing promotions like this exist, an astute sports bettor, who likes to bet accumulators, is going to look for the online bookmakers that provides the extra value.

When using football accumulator tips, especially today’s football tips accumulator information, it’s always important to get as value as possible based on the risk being assumed.

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