Mets Draped In Rain, But Not Humiliation

Senga Rain

The Mets finally got off their “Schneid From Hell” with an 11-2 victory over the Cubs on Monday. My Cubs fan friend told me that the Mets were going to sweep his Cubs. I still say not unless Craig Brazell shows up at Citi Field, but you never know what can happen.

Pete Alonso hit two homers and drove in six (the last one off Tucker Barnhart getting away from the eephus pitch to try to throw a fastball by Alonso), and Kodai Senga went six good innings. He almost went seven but the slipped on the mound as he was warming up for the 7th through a rainstorm that the umpires never should have even tried to make them play through. Thankfully, Senga didn’t break every bone in his body warming up in the rain because that would have been a sick joke by the baseball gods.

But after the rain delay, Danny Mendick hit a three run HR to put the game away. I for one thought that he would wait until he got to the Nationals before he learned to hit so God bless him.

Before all of this, the Mets put Starling Marte on the IL with a groin strain, and sent Brett Baty down to Syracuse because he had an OPS of .217 in August. Not his batting average, mind you, because that was zero. No, in all of Auguts he walked five times. That was it. Baty isn’t the first to shine in the majors only to have to return to the minors. Doc Halladay pitched a one hitter in the majors before reworking his entire motion in the minors. There’s no shame in being sent down. Though I will say this is score one for not rushing your prospects. Buck told the media before the game that it had become too detrimental for Baty to just take his lumps in the majors at this point. Just as I pointed out with Mauricio last night, the last thing I would want any young player to do would be to go through such a negative time in the majors, only to find more negativity around the clubhouse because everyone is miserable. So if he has to go down and regain his confidence, so be it.

As for Marte, jeez. Just end his damn season. It’s been a lost season pretty much since April. Let him hibernate. We have Rafael Ortega now. We’ll be fine.

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John Angelos.

Free Kevin Brown.

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