Report: Mary Lou Retton Is Home From Hospital, Faces Long Recovery

Mary Lou Retton

Olympic gymnastics champion Mary Lou Retton, 55, has been in the battle of her life recently.

Hospitalized in the ICU with a rare form of pneumonia and unable to breathe on her own, Retton’s daughters have been posting social media updates on her condition.

The latest update shares promising news.

Retton is home.

McKenna Kelly shared the news about her mom on her Instagram account.

She wrote:

“Mom is HOME & in recovery mode. We still have a long road of recovery ahead of us, but baby steps…We are overwhelmed with the love and support from everyone.”

The Immortal Mary Lou

Retton will forever be immortalized in fans’ minds as the 16-year-old teen sensation with the wide smile, short stylish haircut, and nerves of steel at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

She was the pioneer; the first American woman to win all-around gold at the Olympics.

Her Illness And GoFundMe Campaign Sparked Controversy

Retton’s illness did not escape controversy.

Her daughters set up a GoFundMe account for medical bills that received over $400,000 in donations.

Many are questioning why Retton would need this financial help.

We wish Mary Lou a healthy and speedy recovery.

At some point in the future, she or her family will clear up the lingering questions associated with the GoFundMe campaign.

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