VIDEO: Tony Romo Throws Critical Interceptions Late As Cowboys Blow 26-3 Lead

If there’s one thing Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo is good at doing, it’s throwing interceptions in critical moments in games. And Sunday was no different.

The Minnesota Vikings did Dallas a huge favor earlier in the day by beating the Philadelphia Eagles, and all Dallas had to do was run the football to victory in the second half to finally regain its lead in the division.

Instead, the Packers actually ran the football one more time in the second half than the Cowboys did (even down three touchdowns), and Green Bay completed a comeback of epic proportions, when they had only a six percent chance to win at halftime.

And it was one particular interception to CB Sam Shields with 2:58 remaining in the game, faced with a 2nd-and-6 situation. that really stood out from all other plays. Head coach Jason Garrett had no problem throwing Romo under the bus, saying his QB checked out of a run before the snap.

The ball is snapped, and Romo ducks out of a potential snap. He recovers, and attempts to hit WR Miles Austin, but the ball is severely underthrown, and Shields makes a great play on the ball and picks it off. This is a throw Romo to either throw over Shields head, for an incomplete pass, or a possible completion for a touchdown, as Packers were playing cover-0 and he would have had plenty of real estate to run through.


This interception was followed by a TD run by RB Eddie Lacy, and the team that stuck with the run won the football game.

Maybe next time the Cowboys will learn from past mistakes and actually run the ball with a lead (they probably won’t), especially with RB DeMarco Murray averaging 7.7 yards per carry (but only getting 18 attempts).

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