Wrexham Owners Ryan Reynolds & Rob McElhenney Bring Hollywood Glamour to F1 with $218 Million Alpine Investment


The mesmerizing blend of sports and Hollywood glitz, represented by Wrexham soccer team owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, is now set to invigorate the Formula One circuit. The duo, in collaboration with fellow investor Michael B. Jordan and groups Otro Capital and RedBird Capital Partners, are acquiring a 24% stake in the high-octane racing team, Alpine, according to a statement from parent company Renault.

$218 Million Hollywood Investment in F1 Team, Alpine Led by Reynolds & McElhenney

Hollywood moguls Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney aren’t just spectators of sports; they’re active influencers shaping the future of the games and sports we love. Now, they’re striding into the world of motorsport, with plans to steer Alpine to new heights of achievement.

At the core of the $218 million deal lies the strategy to fuel Alpine’s progress in Formula One, marking a significant growth in the team’s valuation, which now stands at $900 million. This unique convergence of Hollywood star power and the high-speed glamour of F1 signals a potential shift in the sport’s commercial narrative. It’s not just about the thrill of the race anymore; it’s about the entire show.

Interestingly, Alpine’s roadmap, known as the ‘Mountain Climber’ plan, which sets the target of contending for championships within 100 races started in 2022, aligns with the grand vision of Reynolds and McElhenney. As Laurent Rossi, CEO of Alpine, pointed out, the investment group will “boost our media and marketing strategy, essential to support our sporting performance over the long term.”

Wrexham Owners Reynolds and McElhenney Not New to Sports Investment

Remember when Reynolds and McElhenney shook the soccer world by taking over Wrexham in 2021? It wasn’t a mere whim of wealthy movie stars, but a dedicated effort to transform the club, as evidenced by Wrexham’s return to the Football League after a 15-year absence.

They’re employing a similar playbook with Alpine, infusing not just capital but their expertise in building high-growth companies, as they demonstrated with Maximum Effort Investments. In essence, Reynolds and McElhenney are evolving from being mere celebrity owners to effective strategists in the sports domain.

For Alpine, currently ranked fifth in this year’s F1 constructors’ championship, this investment couldn’t have come at a better time. The involvement of international players like Otro Capital and RedBird Capital Partners, who hold impressive track records in the sports industry, could help drive Alpine’s vision.

The alchemy of sports and celebrity has worked before. Just look at Reynolds and McElhenney’s successful revitalization of Wrexham. Now, with their sights set on the F1 grid, they’re opening a new chapter. So, strap in and prepare for a thrilling ride as Hollywood takes the wheel in Formula One.

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