How To Play Craps – Ultimate Guide On How To Win At Online Craps

If you’re wondering how to play craps, look no further. This beginner-friendly guide unpacks the essentials of craps, from basic rules to smart playing tips. So, let’s start with the basics of what craps is, and then move on to the best strategies on how to play craps and win. Ready to get started?

What is Craps? How it Works

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Craps is a thrilling dice game, often the heart of a casino’s buzz. It’s played with two dice, where players bet on the roll outcomes. The game kicks off with a “come-out roll.” Score a 7 or 11, and you’re winning; land on 2, 3, or 12, and it’s a different story. Other numbers set the “point,” leading to the game’s next phase.

Playing craps at online casinos mirrors this excitement, using random number generators (RNGs) to mimic dice rolls, ensuring fair play at casinos. Live dealer versions bring the casino vibe home, with real dice rolls streamed at our live Bitcoin casinos.

Key terms include “pass line” bets (betting on the shooter to win) and “don’t pass” bets (the opposite). Understanding pay tables, which outline winning bets, is crucial for strategizing. In Craps, the house advantage shifts with the bets you place. For example, “pass line” bets carry a house edge of 1.41%, while “don’t pass” bets have a slightly lower edge at 1.36%, influencing both your strategy and potential outcomes. Whether you’re learning how to play craps on a live casino app or online, this classic game is a blend of luck, strategy, and anticipation.

How to Play Craps Online

When learning how to play online craps, you need to follow these steps and craps game rules. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

1. Choose Your Game

Browse through the online casino’s game selection and pick a craps game that appeals to you.

bovada learn how to play craps step 1

2. Buy Chips

Virtually purchase chips to use as your betting currency in the game. Click on the chips depending on how much you want to bet.

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3. Place Bets

Start with a “pass line” or “don’t pass” bet before the come-out roll.

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4. Roll the Dice

To roll the virtual dice, just click the ‘Roll’ button. Online games use RNGs to ensure fairness just as if you were playing at a land-based casino.

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5. Understand Outcomes

When you’re learning how to play craps in a casino, it’s important to understand the following craps game rules as it determines the payouts. If the come-out roll is 7 or 11, “pass line” bets win. If it’s 2, 3, or 12, “don’t pass” bets win. Any other number sets the point.

6. Continue Betting

After the point is set, you can make additional bets, like “come bets” or “odds bets.”

7. Point Roll

The game continues until the shooter rolls the point number again or rolls a 7.

bovada learn how to play craps step 7

8. Collect Winnings

Wins are automatically added to your bankroll. If the shooter rolls a 7 before the point, pass line bets lose.

Craps Table Layout Explained

Whether you’re making single roll bets or a proposition bet, this section is for you. Understanding the table layout is key. It’s where all the action happens, with various sections for different bets. Take a look at the following as I’ll be explaining how to play craps for beginners:

The Table

The craps table is a mirrored setup, designed to accommodate players on all sides. It’s felt-covered, with marked areas for each type of bet, making it easy to navigate your options.

The Betting Areas

Betting areas are clearly demarcated sections where you place your chips. Each area corresponds to a specific bet, like Pass Line or Field bets, guiding your game strategy.

The Pass Line & Don’t Pass Bar

The Pass Line is where you bet on the shooter to win, a great starting point for new players. The Don’t Pass Bar is its opposite, betting against the shooter’s win.

Big 6 & Big 8

These areas let you bet that a 6 or 8 will be rolled before a 7. It’s a straightforward bet, often favored by beginners for its simplicity.

The Field

The Field is a one-roll bet area where you win if 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12 is rolled. It’s a quick, easy bet with immediate results.

Come & Don’t Come

These bets are similar to Pass and Don’t Pass but can be made any time after the point is established. They open new rounds of betting mid-game.

craps table bovada
Source: Bovada

The Place

Place bets let you wager on specific numbers (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10) being rolled before a 7. You can make or remove these bets at any time.

Center Section

This section is for proposition bets, or “prop bets,” offering high payouts for specific roll outcomes. These are riskier and more complex, ideal for more adventurous players.

Playing Craps – The Rules And Players

When learning how to play craps at a casino, understanding the roles of different players at the table is essential. Let’s break down these key craps rules and player roles:

The Boxman

The Boxman oversees the game, guarding the chips and supervising dealers. Think of them as the table’s referee, ensuring everything runs smoothly and fairly.

The Stickman

Armed with a long stick, the Stickman moves the dice around, announces results, and manages the center bets. They add excitement with their call-outs of the game’s progress.

Base Dealers

Two Base Dealers flank the table, paying out winners and collecting from the losers. They’re your go-to for placing most of your bets and answering any quick questions.


The Shooter is the player throwing the dice, aiming to hit winning numbers. Everyone gets a turn, adding to the communal spirit of craps.

Key Craps Rules:

These craps rules are key to playing and winning when learning how to play craps dice:

  • Joining the Game: Wait for a break in the action before buying in to avoid disrupting the game.
  • Betting: Place your chips on the desired bet area, and the dealer will assist with tricky placements.
  • Rolling the Dice: Shooters must roll the dice with one hand, ensuring they hit the far wall of the table for a valid roll.
  • Handling the Dice: Only the Shooter can touch the dice, and they must be visible at all times.
  • Bet Timing: Most bets are made before the come-out roll, with some exceptions like “Come” and “Don’t Come” bets that can be placed at any point.

Top Craps Tips

If you’re looking for ways on how to win at craps, check out these tips which can boost your game strategy and increase your chances at the craps table:

  • Find the Right Game: Choose a craps game that matches your style and budget. There’s plenty of choice at online casinos and some of them offer exciting casino bonuses to enhance your gameplay.
  • Set a Budget: Decide on your spending limit before you start. Stick to it to avoid any regrettable losses and practice responsible gambling.
  • Learn the Bets: Understand the different types of bets and their true odds. Betting smart is key if you want to learn how to play craps at a casino and win.
  • Practice for Free: Use free online craps games to master your skills without risking your bankroll. You’ll find a nice variety of craps at offshore casinos that allow you to practice playing for free which is great for players learning how to play craps with dice.
  • Learn the Lingo: Make sure to understand all the key phrase and craps terminology.
  • Know When to Quit: Winning streaks are thrilling, but they can turn. Quit while you’re ahead to keep your gains. This helps you avoid chasing losses which can be a sign of problem gambling. If you, or anyone you know is struggling with problem gambling, you can find support by visiting the National Council on Problem Gambling.

Best Craps Strategies

Despite being a game based on luck, learning how to play dice by using certain strategies can enhance your chances of winning. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your skills, these strategies can guide your gameplay for better outcomes:

Craps Press Strategy

This technique involves doubling your bet after a win, “pressing” your advantage. It’s a high-risk, high-reward approach that can amplify winnings during a hot streak, but requires careful bankroll management. So it’s not ideal if you just started learning craps and how to play.

6/8 Craps Strategy

Focusing on the 6 and 8, this strategy bets that these numbers will be rolled before a 7. Since 6 and 8 are second only to 7 in terms of rolling probability, this strategy offers a balanced risk-reward ratio.

craps strategy bovada
Source: Bovada

3 Point Molly Strategy

The 3 Point Molly is about maintaining three active bets on the table to cover various outcomes. It involves a Pass Line bet, a Come bet, and a Place bet. This strategy offers multiple ways to win on each roll so it’s great for both experienced players, and those who just started learning how to play a craps table.

Iron Cross Craps Strategy

This strategy covers all possible numbers except 7, offering frequent wins but with smaller payouts. It’s a solid strategy for steady play, but the house edge on the Field bet requires cautious play.

Pass and Don’t Pass Strategy

A foundational strategy when playing craps is betting on the Pass and Don’t Pass lines. This offers some of the best odds in craps. Considering its simplicity and low house edge, this approach is ideal for beginners.

The 5-Count Craps Strategy

This method involves waiting for five rolls before making a bet, aiming to identify a “hot” shooter. It’s a conservative strategy designed to minimize losses by avoiding betting on every roll. The 5-Count craps strategy is ideal if you want to practice responsible gambling.

The Field Bet Strategy

This strategy involves placing bets on the Field, which wins on 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12. It’s a simple, one-roll bet with a larger house edge, suited for those looking for quick outcomes.

Hedging Your Bets

Hedging involves placing bets on opposing outcomes to minimize risk. While it can reduce potential losses, it also lowers potential winnings, making it a cautious approach to craps.

Play Free Craps

Playing craps for free is an excellent way for beginners to dip their toes into the game without the risk of losing money. It’s the perfect practice for those wanting to learn how to play craps for dummies to familiarize themselves with the flow of the game, experiment with different strategies, and understand the craps game rules inside out. Free games allow you to make mistakes, learn from them, and build confidence before stepping into real money play at gambling sites.

Moreover, the world of online craps offers various versions like American Craps and Speed Craps, each with its twist on the classic. Playing for free lets you explore these variations at your own pace, helping you discover your preferred style without the pressure of stakes. Whether it’s the traditional gameplay of American Craps or the fast-paced action of Speed Craps, free play can be an insightful and enjoyable way to master your skills as you learn how to play craps at a casino.

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Money Management in Craps

Effective bankroll management is crucial when learning how to play craps. This ensures a sustainable and enjoyable gaming experience. It’s about striking the right balance between the thrill of betting and the discipline of financial control. Here are some tips for managing your bankroll when playing craps:

  • Set Win and Loss Limits: Before you start, decide on the maximum amount you’re willing to lose and a goal for winnings. Stick to these limits to avoid any surprises.
  • Only Bet What You Can Afford to Lose: Allocate a specific amount for craps and consider it entertainment money. If it’s gone, call it a day.
  • Decide on Your Session’s Duration: Plan how many rounds you’ll play in advance. This helps prevent getting caught up in the heat of the moment.
  • Avoid Chasing Losses: If you hit your loss limit, resist the temptation to continue betting in hopes of recouping losses. There’s always another day to play.
  • Use Winnings Wisely: If you’re up, consider pocketing a portion of your winnings and playing with the remainder. This way, you ensure you leave with something.

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