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Tag Archive: 2017 MLB trade deadline

San Francisco Giants Fumble a Punt at the Non-waiver Trade Deadline

For a professional baseball franchise that has been on the down-trend the past three years, the effort shown by the San Francisco Giants at the…
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Aiming at October: MLB Second Half Bullet Points

We’ll start with some distressing news about the San Francisco Giants (surprise). After that, (and brace yourselves for this) we’ll find some positive things to…
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If Things look Bad Now– A Look at the Future of the San Francisco Giants Organization

As the Giants ownership and team management look beyond their historically dismal 2017 season, what is the expectation for 2018 and beyond? One thing team…
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Winter is Coming: The Giants Face Critical Decisions at the Trade Deadline

For the San Francisco Giants the 2017 off-season starts right now. The Giants can’t sit back and wait until the end of the World Series…
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Why the Giants Won’t be Sellers or Traders at the July Deadline

First, There’s Some Disturbing News The San Francisco Giants’ critically ill 2017 season just received something akin to emergency resuscitation. While the current four-game winning…
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