PSA: Do Your Part and Save Carey Price From Montreal

PK Subban was a hockey player most Bruins’ fans hated because of the sweater he wore. Once he was traded,…

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That Game Was Boring As Shit. Bruins Lose To Sens 2-1.

Holy fuck that game was incredibly boring. Like, super fucking boring. If that is what a playoff series will be…

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Fixing Olli Maatta

Olli Maatta hasn’t had a great year. Heck, he hasn’t really had a great last season and 1/4 if we’re…

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The Optional Skate EP 19: Switching It Up A Bit The Bruins are surging under Interm Head Coach Bruce Cassidy. If the playoffs started today, the Bruins would be…

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Welcome to Ass Kicked City! Population: Detroit Red Wings! Bruins Win 6-1


Last night Pizz and I recorded ‘The Optional Skate‘ podcast which will go live to all of our wonderful Patreon…

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62. Bruins at Stars. Successful Road Trips Are Successful

If you asked me before the road trip what would make this successful, I would have told you that the…

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Who is Evgeni Malkin?

The Penguins bye week, mercifully, comes to an end tomorrow. But until then things are still pretty weird up in…

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