NFL: Super Bowl LI-New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons

Top 10 Sports Stories of 2017: (1) 28-3

They blew it! The Atlanta Falcons were well on their way to running out of NRG Stadium with a Super…

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Patriots Tease Fans By Sending Out A Preview Of Thursday Nights Celebration

We are just two days away from the 2017 NFL Kickoff Game between the New England Patriots and the Kansas…

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Trailers for Do Your Job Pt. 2 And America’s Game: 2016 Released

Must watch Patriots trailers! NFL Network has released trailers for both Do Your Job Pt. 2 and America’s Game: The story…

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Patriots Celebrate Super Bowl LI Championship With New Bling

Another Super Bowl Championship means another Super Bowl Ring for the Patriots as Friday night members of the 2016-2017 New England…

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Big Ten

Video Resealed Showing Brady’s Jersey Potentially Being Stolen

Just this morning Houston authorities and the FBI announced that they have found Tom Brady’s Super Bowl LI jersey that…

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FBI Believes To Have Found Tom Brady’s Missing Super Bowl LI Jersey

It has been just about a month and a half since the Patriots pulled off the largest comeback in Super…

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New Food

Tom Brady Is Solving The Missing Jersey Mystery Himself In Hilarious New Facebook Post

Tom Brady is now taking matters into his own hand’s as his lost Super Bowl LI jersey is still out…

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Houston Police Value Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Jersey At $500,000

A TMZ report released today shows that the Houston Police Department values Tom Brady’s Super LI jersey at $500,000. That right…

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Bill Belichick Is Showing Off His New Boat In Florida

Bill Belichick stayed a man of his word that he would be getting a new boat to celebrate ring number seven….

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Tom Brady Is Okay With Player Skipping White House Visit

The list of Patriots player that will not attend the White House keeps on growing as six players have said…

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Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons

About that one time in sports history I was actually happy for Tom Brady

I wasn’t really excited over Super Bowl LI before last Sunday. The thing I was looking most forward to that…

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Roger Goodell Not Happy With Matt Patricia’s Clown Shirt

Cry me a river Roger. It seems the Patriots have finally crossed the line with Roger Goodell. All this happening…

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Jacksonville 249

Conan O’Brien Surprises James White With The Nonoffical MVP Truck

After the NFL came out last year and said the Super MVP will no longer receive a truck it seemed like…

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Benny Brady Shows Us All How To Celebrate On A Duck Boat

Martellus Bennett may have stolen the show in Houston but back in Boston Benny Brady is in the spotlight as…

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City of Boston Host Patriots Championship Rally

It may not have been the greatest day weather wise but that did not stop Patriots fans from all around…

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Boston Globe Early Edition Shows Patriots Lost To Falcons

Nobody said making a newspaper was easy. Sometimes you have to make the tough calls and start printing to hit…

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Brady’s Post Super Bowl Commercial Takes Great Jab At Roger Goodell (Video)

It was a magical win for the Patriots last night as they have now won their 5th Super Bowl Championship in…

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Super Bowl LI Records Broken

Not only was this the largest comeback in Super Bowl history the Patriots also broke a hand full of records…

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Patriots Super Bowl Parade Set For Tuesday

The Patriots are Super Bowl Champions for the fifth time and it is time to celebrate! Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said…

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NFL Honors: Complete List of Winners

We’re under 24 hours until the New England Patriots take on the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl. All the…

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Tom Brady Joins Conan O’Brien For “Clueless Gamer” Segment

Tom Brady might not just be the greatest of all time in football but also video games. That’s right, Tom…

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Martellus Bennett “Scares The Crap” Out Of Tom Brady During Final Press Conference

Martellus Bennett is still up to his usual antics. This time scaring Tom Brady during his final press conference before Super Bowl…

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No Retirement In Sight For Bill Belichick But Kraft Knows When It Will Happen

There are many different mysteries inside the New England Patriots organization. But one of the biggest ones is when will…

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Martellus Bennett Continues To Steal The Show This Time Talking About Roger Goodell

Martellus Bennett continues to show that he is the only one who will speak out to the media and really…

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Goodell State Of The League Address Quotes and Analysis

Goodell took to the podium today in his yearly State of The League address. With Robert and Jonathan Kraft sitting…

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Tom Brady Reveals More About Mothers Illness

On Monday night we saw a rare form of Tom Brady as he got choked up when asked about who his…

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Martellus Bennett Stole The Show and Didn’t Even Have A Podium On NFL Media Day

When the Patriots released who was going to be on the Podium for last night’s NFL Media Day we were…

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Tom Brady Gets Emotional When Asked Who Is Hero Is

NFL Super Bowl Media Day is always an interesting experience for all as it has a good mix of good…

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