Six Extracurricular Activities for Successful College Students

Six Extracurricular Activities for Successful College Students


Six Extracurricular Activities for Successful College Students



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Did you know that how well you perform academically is often largely impacted by how you spend your time outside the classroom? No, we aren’t talking about deciding whether or not to study or whether to go to that all-night party. We’re talking about the time you spend on meaningful activities that broaden your perspectives on life and give you motivation in other areas.

If you’re still a little fuzzy on what mean, or if you feel like you have a lot of idle time that could be used in better ways, keep reading. We want to share with you six ideas that college essay writing service recommends to help you increase your academic performance, particularly in the area of writing.

#1 – Sports

Participating in sports of all kinds teaches us valuable lessons and helps us develop important skills. Not all those skills are physical either. Success in sports has as much to do with critical thinking and strategizing as it does with strength, stamina, and endurance. All of those things together train your brain to perform multiple tasks at once time. The result is a more organized and focused thought life – something critical for producing good writing.

#2 – Academic Clubs and Activities

If you are adept in any particular academic area, chances are your college or university has a club where dedicated students like you can sharpen those skills. Competitive mathematics, forensics, and journalistic clubs are all prime examples (and we like that last one in particular!).

Taking part in clubs that not only encourage but require you to actively use the things you’re learning in class in fun and even competitive way keeps you thinking. The better the workout you give your brain, the better it will perform in all areas of academics (and it will show in your term papers especially).

#3 – Road Trips

Many colleges offer group outings as part of the student’s activities fee. Consider taking part in some of them – chances are you’re paying for the opportunity anyway. Group road trips often include activities like following your favorite campus sports team as they face off against a top rival competitor. They can also be for fun outings to local attractions or civic rallies and political events. Wherever the road takes you, you’re sure to learn things along the way – things you can draw from when you need interesting stories or vignettes in your writing.

#4 – Cultural Activities

Many schools also offer trips to museums, plays, ballets, operas, or concerts as part of the student activities fee or for a nominal student rate. You should definitely consider taking part in as many of these as you can. The more you open yourself up to these kinds of experiences, the easier you will find it to express more meaningful thoughts and emotions on paper. There is much to be said for taking the time to enjoy other people’s talents and abilities. The level of inspiration it will give you will also show in your writing over time.

#5 – Volunteer Activities

Getting out into the community and serving people in need is one of the most rewarding and worthwhile extracurriculars there is. Many colleges organize groups to work in homeless shelters, soup kitchens, or programs that cater to people with physical or intellectual limitations. There are also many other civic and humanitarian volunteering opportunities that you can explore on your own.

Donating some of your idle time to volunteer work helps you recognize the value in other people and in reaching out to help where others have a need. This helps you to develop character traits like empathy and compassion. These are excellent traits for anyone who wants to learn how to write more passionately and persuasively.

#6 – Mindlessly Fun Activities

It might surprise you that the infamous college party made the list, but it’s true. Sometimes, you need to cut loose and blow off a little steam, so don’t turn down an invitation to any party or student-led activity where you feel safe, comfortable, and able to relax.

Keep in mind that the brain needs a break every bit as much as it needs to be used so be sure to find that balance in your activities. The above suggestions are a great place to start.

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