Berry: "T.J. Oshie Makes us Proud"

Berry: "T.J. Oshie Makes us Proud"


Berry: "T.J. Oshie Makes us Proud"


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Last Thursday, during a press conference, University of North Dakota head coach Brad Berry introduced his 2018-19 freshman class. At the end of the brief press conference, I found an opportunity to ask the head coach what he thought about former Fighting Sioux All-American forward T.J. Oshie’s performance during the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Berry’s reply hit it out of the park.

“I just love it every time he hits the ice because that’s what North Dakota is,” coach Berry beamed with pride. “Obviously, with Pierre McGuire yelling that out all of the time. We love that. He’s exactly what we do here.

“He makes us proud. He makes us proud out on the ice. He makes us proud when he gets off the bus for game seven, wearing that green suit. Again, you can tell where his loyalties lies and what he thinks of his experience here at North Dakota is.

“It resonates to not only our players and to our recruits when they see T.J. Oshie on the ice they get excited. We get excited. That’s the type of hockey that we play.”

After game three, Oshie’s Capitals lead the Las Vegas Golden Knights two games to one. Two more victories and the Capitals bring home their first Stanley Cup. During the 2018 Stanley Cup Finals, Oshie has been solid. He’s fourth on the Capitals in scoring. In 22 games, scored seven goals and 18 points. He’s also a plus-five.

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